Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dogman's Post Office Picture

Please note that his eyes appear to look a bit funny as he is going blind but nothing can be done to fix his eyes- they(lens) are slowly turning hard. he still gets around the house quite well and managed to chew up on of my scrabble letters--today. I think he has dogtimers as he is over 80 years according to the vet. According to him he is only two--LOL
and he chose a P to chew but we can still use it to play with it.
hugs from Meme

Monday, June 22, 2009

Dogman's sin not so simple

I went out to his pee patch to scoop his poop- I was a few days behind which is ok as he has little poops--and goes to the same area which is private from walkers. And I discoverd that he had eaten a blue and white J clothe and pooped pieces out in his poop- there were big pieces and little pieces too and sigh-
I was so scared mad at him and me- I had forgot that he stole these in the old days so we quit using them. I had used a few half clothes for cleaning but only with vinegar and a little soap plus water in a spray bottle- because they are light they blow of the counter and he is such a scamp that he grabs and hides- We have disposed off any remaining clothes as I cannot let this happen again, and as Dogman has a short memory he will not remember the Meme tears.

I am praying that all of the clothe is pooped out now- it was some time last week when I used them and as I generally toss them away so I did not notice anything missing- he does this with kleenex to so no one is allowed to blow a nose with out immediatley disposing of them in a deep garbage-I gave him the Meme talk and he wagged his tail laughing at me-He really did!!!
sigh with hugs from Meme and Dogman wags

Monday, June 8, 2009

Simple chili supper

  • made up a fun recipe for porcupine chili
  • as I need to ignore beans for a while due
  • to tummy issues.
  • I made this for supper--porcupine chili
  • ------------
  • 1 pound hamburger
  • 1 can diced tomatoes * not drained
  • 1 can tomato soup
  • 1 can water
  • 1/2 cup uncooked rice
  • chili power to taste
  • plus salt and pepper to taste
  • -----
  • brown hamburger and drain fat- add the rest of the ingredients - stir - and bring
  • to simmer- low simmer with lid on for approx. one hour-. recipe can be doubled and
  • left overs make nice sloppy joes for tomorrow.
  • hugs from Meme

Monday, May 18, 2009


that is right- we got the SNOW and it is still on the ground- about 2 inches and maybe more tonight-we were organized enough to bring in Miss Ashley's planter boxes that had already come up- and the ones that were too big for us to lift I covered with glass windows(old and was going to toss but decided to keep for this very reason--LOL) and then blankets- I can only hope that this is warm enough to save them for her- now she knows why Oma says not to plant seeds in this part of Alberta before May 15- I know tha seeds can be replanted but she did it with such joy and excitement that I am praying to save them for her- on the grand scale of things this is small but to see Miss Ashley have joy is joy to me------so I shoveled snow today and also took advantage of the snow day to do nothingI did tidy as I did normal daily living so the house is no worse than yesterday night and maybe even a little better.


Saturday, May 16, 2009


  • The other day we had a busy time and no one wanted to really cook
  • but eating out was not a financial option
  • so I asked everyone(4 of us AND then 3 came later)
  • what they would order
  • in a cafe that was not too expensive
  • everyone came to the conclusion it would be
  • toasted bacon and tomato and lettuce sands /fries
  • this came up as B-----works in a cafe and she knew
  • the prices etc' and that they come with fries-
  • however having this supper out still was not an option
  • so I decided to make our own and give a money lesson
  • at the same time
  • my cost for seven sands: was 3.49 for the bacon-
  • 1.99 for the bread and 1.15 for 2 tomatoes plus 1.99 for
  • the oven fries and no one
  • wanted lettuce which is what they would done if we were
  • out too- we had butter and mayo and salt etc,
  • we made the sands together
  • took no longer than if we drove down and ordered
  • waited
  • for them -to come to us
  • our cost rounded off was 8.65 - and we ended up
  • with 7 sandwiches- I had B..... help make them as
  • they would have come if we were at the cafe-
  • we had great fun but the real lesson was that if we
  • had bought these sands in the cafe- at 9 dollars per
  • person times 7 - we would have spent 63.00 plus
  • 5 % tax-(another 3.15 plus tip)
  • we do not have to pay taxes on the food
  • direct from the grocery store- only on cafe foods-
  • and no one tipped me--LOL
  • the price difference rounded off -
  • came to 57.00 dollars-
  • yes- we did the work and yes- we did have some
  • cost re-- electricity
  • it is wonderful to eat out and fun too
  • but eating in can be wonderful and fun also
  • no one could believe how much we saved
  • by not having the option of going out
  • --------
  • this is a good lesson for us all
  • in today's economy and
  • there are less expensive quick home meals
  • but we were in the a treat meal and
  • we had a treat at a very low cost
  • at home compared to the cafe
  • lessons in life for my teens and dear daughters and
  • we had bread left over too :-)
  • hugs from Meme

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

book club

  • to day was book club day at our library and what
  • we do is get together and giggle and on occasion
  • read the book
  • it is the simple things that can bring joy and laughter
  • and make memories
  • hugs from Meme

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

spring showers

  • we had a few spring showers this evening so soon the flowers
  • will start to grow
  • some green grass is peeking through
  • I love spring and our spring is late this year
  • playing peek a boo........
  • I had a simple day ....and made some chilimac for supper
  • it is quite simple-
  • (1 pound) hamburger
  • brown the hamburger - drain extra fat- add tomato soup-
  • 1 can water
  • and a wee bit of pizza or spaghetti sauce
  • I added half a cup and then add 1 tablespoon chili powder
  • this is a recipe from Meme's head so the details are
  • kind of sketchy- (wink)
  • bring to low boil-and added another cup of hot water
  • and add 1 cup of macaroni
  • cook(low) for 20 minutes-
  • mixture should just have tiny bubbles or
  • it will burn.........
  • (this can be made in the oven also but my
  • oven is not working right now)
  • and serve to two teen age-rs-
  • help your self first as there will be no left-overs
  • we shredded some cheese as topping and also
  • would have had sour cream but we were out-LOL
  • we had no healthy salad or veggies but we had buns :-)
  • this was just a fun meal for Oma who was
  • taking some time off to enjoy her simple day-
  • one pan to wash....
  • you can double this recipe etc- and it will thicken
  • as it cooks..........
  • hugs from Meme aka Oma

Monday, May 4, 2009

spring in our year

yesterday and today were good weather days here and so
we began to clean up the yard and do spring chores
Miss Ashley and I did a lot of work and the boy who is
a friend lent us a hand but I must say we are much more
intent- he is a good helper for lifting and watching_LOL
we did a lot and we both sure missed papa hubby here
we trimed trees and raked leaves and cleaned - and cleaned
I am a year behind as last spring papa was our priority-
it was nice working together and discussing papa memories
the church misses him a lot too
as he did the yard work there too
but I will not be able to take over that job
Miss Ashley did plant some flower seeds but I think she is
rushing Alberta weather- but this is how she learns and there is
always a chance that we will not get a spring snow in May--LOL
she also topped some of the trees that papa planted when a
grand child was born - so we have a few
she is strong- Oma could hardly pick up the trimmers but she
did a good job- and would have passed papa's inspection -
the boy who is a friend and the future husband
made supper and burned it and burned it--LOL
smoke and smoke and more smoke
we ate it anyway as we workers were hungry
but a tough frying pan mess- sigh- he used two so
we still have two frying pans soaking -
I think one should not cook if there is a hockey game on TV
but every thing will come out in the wash and the smoke
has disapated so we do not run into one and other -LOL
good night, all--happy spring
hugs from Meme aka Oma

Sunday, April 26, 2009


  • it seems like this week has every day planned
  • but I am looking forward to get some of the things
  • caught up so that when spring comes I can be
  • outside more often this spring and summer
  • I know that I said spring was here but now
  • it is snowing here again
  • it is fairly light and melting quickly but
  • there is not much outside chores that
  • can be completed
  • Monday is bank and bill day-
  • also our our church ladies
  • passed away at the wonder age of 96
  • so there will be a funeral to take care of
  • on Wednesday-
  • Tuesday is doctor day and seniors day
  • so I will have to balance out both
  • it will be nice to not have to cook supper home -
  • as supper is at the church this week
  • Thursday is meetings day
  • so the week will be busy
  • have a wonder week and take care
  • of each other
  • think I can keep all of this in my head
  • and then I can report in - :-)
  • hugs from Meme

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

snow rainbow

  • our weather man says that we are going to get some snow tomorrow
  • and this what our spring does in Alberta-
  • and so our world may turn white for a while
  • but he did say that it would melt quickly
  • I have been out side a lot the last few days
  • just enjoying the fresh air and sunshine
  • Dogman joins me for a while but he is too old
  • to like the wind on his body-so he waits in the
  • house most days for me and greets me every time
  • I come back into the house
  • it does not matter if it is two minutes or two hours
  • he is just glad to see me again
  • I have been talking to him a lot
  • just to reassure him that I am still here
  • loving him
  • I am feeling better about life in general
  • and next week I go back to the specialist to see
  • what my tests said about me
  • have a wonderful day tomorrow and remember that
  • Jesus is in the spring- a spring of hope
  • hugs from Meme

Friday, April 17, 2009


  • spring is here now and looks like it plans to stay
  • most of the snow has melted
  • so yesterday I got side and re-arranged our outdoor
  • chairs and etc plus Dogman's love-seat into the shade
  • we are on the south side and it can get quite hot
  • by supper time but it would be nice to have some
  • picnic suppers out there for the grand kids
  • and Meme and Dogman too
  • also more shade for Dogman as he can go
  • under his loveseat for shade or lay on it
  • for a suntan
  • Dogman and I had our own picnic supper outside last night
  • we swept and dusted and washed and now it is just
  • like an extra room
  • we had such a long winter and it feels good to
  • have the balcony ship shape
  • it is quite large as it is Dogman's play ground as
  • it is fenced on all sides and then he has
  • a personal pee patch a few feet away-
  • I find doing things like this does help
  • my grief ......yes, there are memories out there too
  • but happy rejoicing memories
  • now this week end I do have some more yard
  • chores to do- and the front will need another week
  • of thawing snow before we can do anything
  • Miss Ashley can look after that area
  • I hope I never lose my love of being busy
  • I remember to rest too and I am just beginning
  • to learn at my age - to pace myself-
  • have a wonder week end
  • hugs from Meme who is miles behind in blogging but
  • filled with fresh air and sunshine

Monday, April 6, 2009


what a lovely weather day- sunshine and soft breeze
and melting snow**
when I walked down town I had on no hat or gloves
this is the first time in 2009 for the gloves and the second day for the hat

the grand daughter and I went to do some small shopping
and then I stopped off and did the church chores-
Miss Ashley rested while I did them because
her feet hurt--LOL- and I thought I was the older lady
alas she is still a teen which means she buys shoes for looks
and not comfort.........

we had a nice day outing together
and we found the neatest book
called ---"I Remember Grandpa''
It is like a journal where you put all sorts of
special memories of grandpa so Oma is going
to do them with the girls-(I got each of the g'kids one)

Miss Ashley is old enough
to put in her memories-
they will be a wonderful
journal for the younger kidlets and if we do them
together Oma can help them with some of the
memories- there are places for photos etc- and
the nice thing is that they were at a dollar store(which
is why I could give one to each of the g'kidlets-
they are made with good quality paper etc -
and have a family tree to also follow and
questions and ideas and a lot of room to write in
the memories-------

so I was pleased- I find that the Lord
gives me so many blessings to help
all of us walk in our grief-
sometimes non christians cannot understand
how I can have joy in my grief

I tell them that my joy is a gift from the Lord
and a gift that Papa hubby prayed for me
before his home-coming-
have a wonder-filled week
huggles from Meme

Saturday, April 4, 2009


  • Today was a wonderful spring like day
  • and now the snow is melting fast
  • before I know it or want too (wink)
  • I will be out spring
  • cleaning the yard-----
  • I am going to keep the outside chores
  • simple this year- just a few flowers
  • to decorate the balcony
  • I like spring as it reminds
  • me of renewal
  • where everything is restoring --
  • we call it spring time in the Rockies
  • even though we live about a 100 miles
  • from the mountains
  • we can see them from a hill a little
  • ways from our house and we can see
  • the snow on the tops reminding
  • us that winter must come too
  • ******************************
  • cleaning is never easy to do
  • but everything looks so nice when we are done
  • it is a type of restoration to our
  • homes and to us-- and Easter
  • reminds us what life is really all about...
  • I miss papa hubby being here and
  • I am OK and
  • OK is enough for now
  • happy Sunday to everyone
  • and see you soon
  • hugs from Meme

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am not lost --------

  • I have had a few days off from blogging and writing
  • I had Miss Sidney on an overnight Saturday
  • and some how Meme ended up on the mat on the floor
  • she woke up and her lips had stuck together
  • just being to dry and she had a little blood
  • if frightened her more than hurt
  • so Meme got the vaseline out and we got
  • them smooth again
  • but it took her a while to go back to sleep
  • and she ended up in Meme's bed
  • trying to sleep with Miss Sidney
  • is like sleeping with bouncing ball
  • so Meme crawled down on the mat--LOL
  • nice and warm down there and cozy
  • but no one told me I had to get up again
  • I guess I am too old for being down so far
  • at any rate- Meme rearranged her shoulder
  • which hurts and now has gone down my side
  • so I am whining and not feeling up to sitting
  • up like a lady --
  • 3 days now so I am hoping that it will
  • all just go away soon.....
  • Miss Sidney went home happy and
  • with smooth lips - the joys of being grandma
  • some times has ups and downs
  • so I will leave you with a Miss Sidney thought
  • that she told her dad
  • ""Oma, has glue to UN do your lips and blood
  • will not stain your fingers- "" LOL
  • huggles from Meme aka Oma

Saturday, March 28, 2009

sharing - I found a blessing..........

while continuing to clean out things in the house,
I found a 2 lovely pictures of Papa David Hubby--
that were taken in 1966 the spring before I met him-
I did not know he had these pictures with his box of stuff..
.I am so happy that I am ''high''--LOL
-they are so precious and I will take them down this week
and make copies for the girls--
as they do not have pictures that old or before us or them---
--he was so handsome-- and cute and--------blond
I was a bit shallow at that time as I was so young-like just barely 18(that summer) -so I went out with him for his looks and his car--LOL
and love came to stay with us-and we were married in October--(1966).

I have been cleaning odds and ends in the house
for a couple of years now- a day here and a day there*going through all those boxes where one tends to stuff things for later..........
..and these were in one of papa hubby's evelopes that he kept special things-I never went into his things before his death as we were very respective of each other's private things-----he was the same with me.

it has taken me about 2 years to get where I am
( cleaning things we gathered over the years but knew we were keeping )
--and I found 10 dollars tooso that will help pay for the pictures to give the girls copies-
I want to do them for Easter gifts----
-what a family blessing!--hugs from Meme

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meme is getting soft.........

  • due to health problems Meme has to start eating soft foods
  • or well cooked ........so much for salads-and carrot sticks too
  • and it got me to thinking about
  • how my life is rather soft
  • compared to the old days
  • which we look back on fondly
  • but I am not sure I would be able
  • to live that way again
  • there is something nice about
  • turning up the heat
  • turning on a tap
  • pushing buttons on dishwashers and
  • buttons on stoves
  • and listening to the flush
  • our old days were good
  • but they were hard work
  • too and I can see
  • now how hard mom and dad
  • had to work to make a living
  • so we could eat and etc.
  • even as they grew old they
  • had to make due with old ways
  • I am grateful for the blessings
  • that I have that make my life
  • much easier-
  • and especially now when
  • Meme has to go soft

Meme sends soft hugs.......

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dogman speaks...

Dogman felt left out so he wants you to know
that he lives here too
and if he had only seen the kitty first--hahaha
he really does not mind cats as long as they stay
on the other side of the fence-
here he is on his old kitchen rug but we had
to buy him a new one as his nails would
get caught so he upgraded- the floor is too cold for him in the kitchen
with Alberta winters.........
so we have an area rug- sigh- I am beginning to think we do a lot
for him-LOL
his own chair- his own rug-
his own corner--his own special diet- wow
no wonder he thinks he is the top dog in this house-
hugs from Meme and Dogman who is does not believe in simplicity-----

Sunday, March 22, 2009


  • - YES- a new picture- this was at our house

  • the birds are ours ( the blue bird died just a few days before papa did)

  • and the cat is a visitor

  • they got a long fine

  • but I know what that kitty was thinking-LOL

  • here is bigger picture of the little picture

  • I am playing and learning too
  • so you will have to be patient with me
  • now I just have to get Miss Ashley to down load some
  • more of my pictures
  • some time soon
  • ----this is Dogman's balcony and out behind the gate
  • is where papa did his wood work-
  • he had a shed but it does not show
  • Dogman always watched him work
  • he has to stay in as he is a leash dog
  • and does not know how to travel on his own
  • and would walk away - or chase a cat too--LOL

we got the snow

  • 10 inches so far- wet-heavy snow- not terribly cold though
  • and wind is slight so not moving the snow around
  • poor
  • Dogman- stepped of the door step and fell into the snow
  • up to his arm pits and that is where he stayed
  • so I had to go out and shovel him a pee patch
  • the snow is heavy so I will have to do it in
  • samll sprats-
  • it is call ''heart attack snow''
  • here in Alberta
  • pray for all and also roofs
  • we are blessed to have a high peak roof
  • but some are not so blessed
  • pray for no cave-ins and the high-ways
  • must go and drink some tea
  • and store up some energy for more shoveling
  • alas- some storms are not simple
  • but it is part of the joys of living in Alberta
  • hugs for today
  • Meme

Saturday, March 21, 2009


  • I started spring cleaning again
  • I did start once but got caught u in our winter here
  • it is not springy right now we have storm warnings
  • across Alberta
  • and we are being asked to stay at home
  • so Meme will have a quiet evening here
  • I may continue the cleaning bite by bite
  • and have a rest in between.......
  • I am trying to go through every nook and cranny
  • on the main floor
  • it is amazing how much one collects over time
  • and also how difficult it is deciding what to do
  • with some of the things....
  • it is not easy this year with
  • having no papa hubby here
  • he was my leg man
  • who vacuumed corners etc
  • while I cleaned and sorted --------
  • I am letting go of more things now
  • as I am the only one here and I have
  • become half of us....
  • Poppy was more of a keeper than I am
  • so I will give and toss and sort
  • and in the end I am hoping that there
  • will be less next year to gather dust
  • I enjoy this kind of cleaning but
  • only once a year
  • here we generally do not do a lot
  • of fall cleaning as we have work
  • to do outside preparing for our winters
  • hmmm- maybe we should change the name
  • to winter cleaning and we would all be done
  • when spring comes to us - but what else
  • can one do in Alberta in April as
  • we stay in between seasons with our
  • weather --
  • off to spring clean something
  • and I am hoping that it will be simple--LOL
  • huggles from Meme

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


  • I am beginning to find
  • the me in me again
  • after papa hubby died I felt lost
  • nothing seemed or felt right
  • the world was inside out
  • but lately I have been finding
  • little things of me again
  • shoulders a little straighter
  • life seems more alive with
  • a laugh here and a cry there
  • and tears for others too
  • my smile is more real
  • my heart less broke-
  • the sun is brighter
  • and the sky less gray
  • and
  • I know that papa hubby
  • would want to see me
  • as me again
  • I will always love him.
  • Death does not end love-
  • so slowly I will dig my
  • heart out of the sand
  • because then I can see
  • what God wants for do=
  • as He guides me into
  • being me again.
  • huggles from Meme

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

pocket stories

pocket stories
Pocket stories is another blog
that I am working on where I am
putting some of my writing
that I did before papa hubby got sick
they are lessons of life
that the Lord has taught
me since I became a Christian
in 1987
some stories are new
you may notice papa mentioned
in some of the old.....
I used to write more before cancer
as an encouragement to other woman
you are welcome to read
it will take me some time
to transfer stories over
so it may not be a busy blog
God has taught me many lessons
and these are but a tiny sharing
and He is still teaching me
as I live my life for Him
papa hubby was my greatest fan
and loved to sit and watch me write
it was one of the things he said
he was looking forward when he
came home from the hospital
the first time
I quit my writings for a long time
but I feel it is time to share
and write again
feel free to read them or
free to not read
this is just a reminder that
they are there
you may share any you want too
I just ask that you leave my name
attached -
sometimes they will say copy write on them
but I feel they belong to the Lord
so nothing will happen if you
forget who the author is
and hugs and here is the link


Pocket StoriesLittle stories of life that have a message-fact and/or fiction- lessons of growth that God has blessed me with-the Lord teaches US each day as He blesses us in all things-lessons gifts to help us follow the Shepherd- please feel free to share but leave my name with the story- God bless everyone!! A pocket story is a short story- small enough to carry in our hearts and big enough to use again and again.
huggles Meme

Monday, March 16, 2009


  • the fire is out
  • they had to tear down the building today
  • 4 businesses and 4 homes gone
  • but no deaths
  • one small injury
  • to make sure no hot spots continued
  • the two buildings beside have water- smoke
  • damage but our little cafe is still there
  • felt some better today
  • went for a walk to see the mess
  • and did chores at church also
  • I think Meme is hanging
  • out to much with teen -age gal
  • and not getting enough sleep
  • so Meme may have to change her
  • new bad habits-
  • and also I think some allergies
  • are coming and going
  • I will be a good example
  • and get ready for bed early
  • hugs and good night

Sunday, March 15, 2009

fire in our town

  • part of our down town is on fire
  • I walked down to see what is.......
  • I should not be out
  • as Meme is sick and
  • really should be in her room
  • if not in her bed........
  • but down town is special
  • to me as that is where
  • I met dear hubby
  • the fire is on the same side
  • and two doors down
  • from our cafe.......
  • the buildings are older
  • than me and connected together
  • so we may lose more and they are
  • part of our history
  • is going up in smoke
  • it reminds me of what
  • the Lord tells us
  • that there is a time for everything
  • and although this is sad
  • as far as we know there are no
  • lost lives- there were apartments
  • up above so homes are burning too
  • the fire is about 5 blocks away
  • from our home
  • it is cold here- below freezing
  • but no wind
  • Meme must be off now
  • and have a simple quiet evening now
  • the Miss Ashley is here
  • to keep Meme in line --LOL
  • hugs from Meme

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a simple day

  • had one of those days where life was plain and simple
  • I always enjoy days like this
  • where no one phones with sad news
  • where it is cold but not too cold to walk
  • where the sun shines and warms my kitchen
  • where both sinks are clean for a few minutes
  • where the weather man is talking about warm air coming
  • where the moon lights up the world
  • where I find what I am looking for
  • where I see a child smile
  • where supper bakes in the oven
  • where I have tears of joy
  • where the kids got hours with their jobs
  • where I have laughter
  • where my heart is at home and
  • where I am still and hear God
  • ******************
  • we had our casserole for supper and the
  • teens like it and put their dishes in the sink
  • and enough left over for tomorrow
  • now it is bed time and I am looking
  • for a new day tomorrow where I can rejoice
  • and be glad in it------
  • huggles from Meme

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

still cold--------hot recipe

  • we feel like we are in a deep freeze-
  • the house has that chill to it----------
  • and feels dry but cold
  • we have a kettle of water
  • to bubble out some slow steam
  • to keep some moister in the air
  • I did not get much done today
  • played hooky but dishes are done
  • found this neat toss casserole which is
  • adjustable to your family--
  • also have this recipe ready to go tomorrow
  • ********************************************

2 pounds of ground beef- cook- and drain

1 cup macaroni' - any shape you like- cook

1 cup grated cheddar cheese-

1 can of tomato sauce or spaghetti sauce- about 2 and 1/4 cups( when ever I find

that I am short an ounce or so of sauce I add water to make the correct amount of liquid)

and/ or ----1 cup of left over cooked veggies

and /or ---- 1 pepper diced- semi cook in pan you cooked hamburger in

onions are optional - cook same as pepper

salt and pepper to taste- I use about 1/2 teaspoon of each

-let all cool for 15 minutes and then mix everything together

place in greased casserole dish-and refrigerate

tomorrow night bake in 350F oven for 45 minutes-

- you can adjust the amounts of any ingredients to make a size that fits you house hold plus using your choice of veggies- I have made with out the options also

I like this recipe as it is a make a head and just needs to bake- a neat thing to have if around-

if you are expecting a busy day out- it is so much less expensive than eating out and the baking time takes no longer than service in a cafe- you can serve a salad and you are set to stay home.

hugs from Meme

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Meme's Cabbage Rolls

I take about 12 cabbage leaves and put in pot
of water - bring to a boil and turn off- let sit about 10 minutes in the hot water - then drain - they will cool as you are making beef mix-
  • 1 pound lean ground beef-
  • 2/3 cup instant rice or left over cooked plain rice
  • 1 can tomato sauce- (15 oz. )
  • ( I have used tomato soup in place of sauce--1 can plus 1 can water and omit the other half cup of water)
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • dash or two of pepper
  • 1 teaspoon sugar( cuts the acid taste )
  • 1/2 cup water

mix tomato sauce - water - salt - pepper- sugar , together =

mix beef and rice and add 1/2 the sauce mix-

place approx 1/3 cup of mix into each cabbage leaf-

wrap up and place in a un-greased baking dish ( approx 8 by 8)

pour remaining sauce over rolls and bake at 350F- oven for 50 minutes =

( make sure beef is well done- really depends on thickness of rolls_)

huggles from Meme

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

spring cleaning the kitchen

  • every now and then Meme has a moment of madness
  • and so I have started to spring clean the kitchen
  • and maybe I should add declutter too
  • my decor now is tea-pots, tea cups and plants
  • I need to toss the tea-pots into the dish washer
  • for a dusting and degreasing
  • before Miss Ashley arrived at my house
  • I only had dust
  • but she is a fry girl
  • and a high heat with no lid kind of cook
  • the good news is she does not cook often
  • unless it involves a can-opener-(wink)
  • there are other things in the kitchen
  • which are taking a hike
  • some I will clean and give Miss Ashley
  • for her home .......
  • and bribe my daughters to take some things
  • (another wink)
  • now that there is only me here
  • other than the gal and her pal now and then
  • I want to have a less cluttered look
  • so that is why I choose the above three
  • as simple decor,,,,,,,,
  • one thing I noticed that some of my
  • small appliances have failed to work
  • any more and I have decided not to
  • replace them
  • a lot of them are really more work
  • than if I did things the old fashioned way
  • this has created more space -and
  • gives me more joy in the kitchen
  • I think it will take about 3 days to
  • clean the kitchen to spring shape
  • -- then if the clean feeling is still
  • hanging around me
  • I will go to the dining room
  • so Meme has sprung into spring
  • and spring is not even here :-)
  • have a good day/night
  • and Meme will return

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the recipe book

  • I bought a recipe book for Miss Ashley last week
  • to put away for her home some day
  • and the last few days I have read
  • the book and the index and according
  • to the title it has 1001 recipes-
  • and I did not find one recipe that
  • I could or would use-LOL
  • sigh
  • it was interesting reading and thankfully
  • was on sale for six dollars
  • I am hoping that she will find better
  • use of the recipes
  • this was one of those gifts where the
  • thought counted for more than the
  • price - Wink-
  • there is a few recipes that I have
  • versions of -- so it did remind
  • of some cooking/bakiing that I have done
  • in the past.......
  • hugs from Meme

Sunday, March 1, 2009


  • actually the turkey is in the oven- it was a sale turkey
  • that we got after Christmas- no too big but
  • enough to party with....
  • and I decided it had live in a frozen state
  • long enough and we also need the freezer room
  • Miss Ashley invited her mom and sisters
  • as it is Robyn's birthday tomorrow
  • we had birthdays in February and
  • more to come in March
  • so we are having a celebration dinner
  • for all of them
  • the rest is simple
  • carrots with a honey glaze
  • I cook the carrots and once they
  • are in the dish
  • I heat some honey in microwave
  • and drizzle over carrots
  • you do not need a lot when drizzling
  • potatoes mashed
  • gravy
  • no stuffing as non of the folks who are
  • coming eat it so why waste time and money
  • cranberries- yes
  • and a ice cream cake
  • it is nice way to have a celebration
  • and in this time of recession
  • we can still have fun by sharing
  • dinners together
  • our next dinner will be for Easter
  • Meme gets to do all the work - but
  • that is part of being a granny
  • and the time will come when
  • granny is too old.....and some
  • one else will have to step up
  • to the plate.......(s)
  • hugs from Meme who is going to the kitchen now

Thursday, February 26, 2009

simple memory makers .......

  • one of the blessings of our countries falling into
  • a recession is that folks are starting to see the need
  • for simple living and that life is full of good moments
  • that grow from simplicity
  • --------some ideas I/we do : when grand-kids are staying-
  • movie night and using some of our own movies
  • and making popcorn and sharing the popcorn
  • by passing the bowl
  • some times just putting a blanket on the floor
  • and having supper as a picnic
  • community scrabble-this is where we put out the board
  • and 10 letters and anyone can add a word as they come and go-
  • baking cookies and eating them asap
  • making pancakes in shapes of letters that spell
  • your name- just free hand with a soup ladle
  • simple things but memory makers
  • and I forgot another one which is a favorite --
  • making note cards or book marks from old cards-
  • ____________________-
  • there are so many little things
  • that we can do as entertainment rather
  • than going out to spend money we
  • need for other things or even worse- adding
  • to a charge card and then losing sleep
  • later in the month -
  • I am looking for ideas to add to our list
  • hugs from Meme

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Meme was playing ---..

  • with her settings and accidentally set the comments on moderation
  • so if you think you goofed ---
  • you didn't - meme did
  • but has reset you and me back to normal comments
  • today I did nothing around the house - and
  • Miss Ashley said--''that is a good thing-''
  • but I did go down to the church and help
  • make our pancake supper
  • the original lady was too upset
  • to do it as she has to place
  • her mom in a nursing home due to a stroke
  • and mama does not want to go
  • but right now she cannot walk
  • she is 91 and was able to drive her car
  • up to the stroke so mom is feeling
  • a lot of loss right now and
  • daughters are not understanding mom...
  • we had 68 plus come to the lent supper
  • and nearly ran out of pancake mix but we
  • did manage to feed everyone
  • I started the dinner alone
  • and then a couple of ladies came in later
  • to help and we snagged two men
  • to do the dishes-
  • I am eating a chocolate bar and
  • thinking of giving up my chocolate
  • for lent-
  • chocolate and me go together
  • I must do a study on lent as I
  • really do not understand it or
  • why of the giving up ----
  • but I am willing to do it
  • but I want to give up something
  • to the glory of God rather
  • than using legalism
  • I will go study it now
  • and see what the Lord shows me
  • we did not do this at our church
  • until the new pastor came
  • huggs from Meme

Monday, February 23, 2009

pizza pizza?

  • the grand-kids were here on the week end
  • so Meme tried to make a pizza
  • but Meme is blond in this area
  • but found a dough recipe which
  • I could handle as I do make bread
  • now and then
  • so we made a hamburger and cheese
  • pizza one day and a chicken and cheese pizza
  • the next day-
  • I made too much dough for just one..
  • both meats were precooked
  • and it was just the sauce and the cheese and the meat
  • as we had to build with what we had on hand
  • our only problem was that the pizzas
  • stuck in the middle of the pan?
  • have no idea why....so it
  • was pizza with a fork -----lol
  • now Meme has never eaten pizza-
  • sigh- as Meme had never understood
  • mixed up foods--
  • however in order to get one child
  • to taste Meme's cooking I had to
  • take a bite and make a comment
  • sigh-
  • well, it was good so Meme ate
  • the whole piece both days
  • this sent the g'kids into shock as they
  • have never seen pizza
  • pass Meme lips before and it
  • has never happened before
  • maybe I can do this more often
  • for the Miss Ashley and I
  • as we are not into cooking a lot
  • of real meals and according to some
  • survey somewhere at sometime
  • pizza can be considered a balanced meal?
  • could this be true? hm-mm
  • need to add some vegetables
  • and find a non sticking pan?
  • we added the cooked chicken first
  • and then the cheese and the meat did
  • not dry out like Meme thought
  • it might do.......
  • I need pizza ladies advice
  • hugs from Meme
  • is still growing up

Thursday, February 19, 2009

daddy cooking dinner

  • sometimes daddy would cook- if mama was away or out in the garden
  • our big garden was quite away from the house so it was
  • nice for mother not to have to walk back and forth
  • his favorite was a western sandwich
  • made
  • his way on the given day
  • he would use 6 eggs - beat with a fork until mixed
  • into a hot fry pan with bacon grease
  • and add some chopped tomatoes and potatoes
  • some green onion- and even cooked carrots
  • and maybe some crumbled bacon or cold beef or ham
  • sprinkle the ingredients on top of the eggs- but do not stir in-
  • cook until nearly done on bottom and flip over like a pancake
  • and finish cooking=this side will be less time-
  • cut into 3 and make up 3 sandwiches
  • this does sound a lot like an omelet but there is no folding over
  • and it is not as light........and
  • both sides were a golden brown
  • some folks call them a denver rather than a western sandwich
  • but we stuck with the name '' daddy's sandwich''
  • he did not toast the bread as it was home made
  • do not stir while cooking or you end up with scrambled eggs
  • we always had eggs as we raised the chickens from birth
  • I hate to think this now but I guess we ate the chickens
  • later on after they were old hens- sigh-
  • mama did not like eggs so she would find something
  • for herself......she did not mind......as she tended to eat
  • at odd times in the summer due to her garden-
  • huggles Meme

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

simple treasures

  • because I am in a place where I have to make decisions about the things of papa hubby's I am noticing that it is the simple things he had that I find are treasures- what was his was mine and what was mine was his but we all some things that are just a part who we are--
  • here is a small list..
  • 1. his small plainer ( hope that is correct spelling) that he used when he was making the diamond willow walking sticks and canes-- it is now a paper weight-( he made the canes and sticks and sold them at the farmer's market)
  • 2. his belt buckle that he bought shortly after accepting Christ as Lord in his life- it says - Praise the Lord
  • 3. he had 2 soup mugs that he used in the last months at home as they were easier for him to use- and he loved chicken noodle soup for breakfast and dinner and supper- he called it his ''special''-
  • 4. a small dog blanket that he bought for Dogman but we used it to put under his arm that had the pic-line in - Dogman had no problem sharing -
  • His pic- pockets that the chemo nurses gave- they covered the pic-line when it was not being used for chemo and helped keep the ports from poking his arm-
  • twin hammers- he found these short hammers at the hard-ward and bought one for me and one for him - for just using in the house- a hammer for mama and one for papa too
  • his little bottle of opal that he kept with water in it and loved to show the colors to his friends-
  • His special cane that he made for himself - and used so much on his cancer journey-
  • his special forks- he was ocd about his forks- he just loved to use them and we did have 6 so we were able to keep him fed- they have a shorter handle than a normal fork -
  • his bent spoons- when ever we had soup( before cancer) he always would bend the spoon so we have a lot of spoons with bends in them as he would bend it back to normal when supper was over- and no - it was that the soup was like cement--LOL-
  • and his stuffed frog that he kept with at the hospital because when the nurses woud ask him about the frog he could tell them that it stood for ''FULLY RELY ON GOD -sometimes he got the word rely mixed with relax or reach but it was a seed planter no matter what word he used- I have to admit that the frog is ugly but he fit papa's personality....
  • -- these are some of the things of papa- there of course is so much more and I will share with kids etc but these odds and ends will remain with me-

hugs from Meme

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


  • I was raised on farm in the 1950s - and in our area most folks lived as homesteaders as we did not have running water in the house- electricity- or an in door bathroom- and our heat was wood with some coal to supplement- we lived off the main road half a mile west and anyone living off the main did not have these blessings- until the early 60s.
  • --------------
  • when we went to grandpa's house a few miles away he did have electricity as he lived on main road- and we could go out to his field and find arrow heads as his farm was once an Indian camping ground-
  • the buffalo - were of course- all gone- but we often saw buffalo skeletons close to the river-
  • this recipe reminded of those days gone by- they were plain and simple but they were also very hard work for the homesteader- especially the women- the good old days were tough- and more romantic in books than real life.
  • **************************
  • Buffalo stew--
  • one buffalo, medium sized
  • Rabbits- (optional)
  • salt and herbs - to taste
  • *********skin the buffalo and cut into bit sized pieces- add enough water to cover- simmer until tender-could take days......
  • add rabbits , - but be careful as people do not like to find a hare in their stew--
  • *LOL* (did I get you?)
  • this reminds of my life right now- I am trying to cut the buffalo(life) into bite sized pieces so that I can make the stew
  • I am doing ok.......I was raised in hard times so I know how to be strong but I do not know how to be lonely-
  • ==but this I know.
  • Jesus loves me, This I know,
  • For the Bible tells me so.
  • Little ones to Him belong;
  • They(I) are weak, but He is strong.

hugs from Meme

Monday, February 16, 2009

simple pleasures

  1. sunshine in my kitchen
  2. clean sinks
  3. left-overs for supper
  4. Dogman wags
  5. time to drink a cup of tea
  6. stains that come out of clothes
  7. a good book to read
  8. warm hands
  9. heavenly peace
  10. happy news reports
  11. and knowing that tomorrow will bring more simple pleasures
  12. and that today held more simple pleasures than I can report

huggles from Meme

Saturday, February 14, 2009

company is here cake recipe.......

  • when I was growing we had no pre warning of company unless they were someone who you had pre-invited- but folks would drop in now and then and no one minded .......
  • so mother knew how to add another potato to the pot etc.
  • most company did not come with supper or dinner on their mind
  • but sometimes mother would invite them to stay for our next meal
  • ------------if there was time she might make this quick cake
  • I found this recipe that she often used - taken out of a magazine
  • back during the war 2- this was a recipe used to save on eggs and sharing the sugar was a gift as sugar was rationed during the war--
  • ------------
  • egg-less chocolate cake recipe
  • ****************************
  • 1 and 1/2 flour
  • 3 tablespoons of cocoa
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 2/3 cup sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 5 tablespoons cooking oil
  • 1 teaspoon vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 cup water
  • --*** Mix the flour- cocoa- sugar- salt and soda
  • - together in greased 8 by 8 cake pan-
  • make large hole in middle of mixture and add vinegar,
  • vanilla and oil and then water
  • and beat with a fork until all ingredients are mixed-
  • --bake at 350F for 25 to 30 minutes-
  • serve warm with cream or whipped cream-
  • no need to even take out of pan - until serving
  • these were ingredients that we always had, it was an easy and quick
  • recipe
  • *******************
  • hugs from Meme

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mama's biscuits......

  • Mama usually made biscuits once a week as sometimes the bread she baked did not quite make it through and she like to bake her bread on Tuesdays-
  • she did not have a lot of time to fiddle fuddle with rolling out the dough so this recipe is how she made them- sometimes daddy made them for us-
  • ---------------------
  • Beat and drop Biscuits
  • 4 cups of flour- do not pack
  • 4 teaspoons. of baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup cold butter
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 2 eggs, beaten with fork
  • 1 cup of milk- our milk came straight from the cow so I would suggest
  • whole milk
  • ********
  • Put dry ingredients in bowl and shred the butter into flour mixture and mix well- then add the beaten eggs and milk and mix but briefly
  • do not over mix or biscuits will not be light--
  • Drop on a lightly greased cookie sheet- and bake until golden brown
  • at 425F approx. 15 minutes-
  • the temp and time again are a guess so I checked some biscuit recipes and this seemed about right - daddy made big biscuits and mother's were smaller but we enjoyed either baker's biscuits........
  • sometimes mama would sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top of half the pan-
  • -mother would wrap leftover biscuits in a damp tea towel-( this was before plastic wraps etc and she had certain tea towels reserved for wrapping or covering food-)- and then pop them back into the oven-(-just to reheat)- at breakfast time and we had pancake syrup on top or heated fruit from her own canned fruit- peaches were the best...
  • the recipe made about 2 dozen biscuits and would be our meal served with homemade soup-

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

supper for Mrs. Ford--recipe

  • when I was a child we had a friend named Mrs. Ford
  • her husband had died and she lived alone
  • there was no money from SS or government for widows
  • so she was very poor
  • and often had to walk and visit neighbors just because
  • she needed to eat........
  • we never knew when she would be coming as
  • there were no phones in the district
  • mama tried to make this meal for her
  • because Mrs. Ford liked it......
  • then she would spend the night
  • we had enough blankets to make a
  • temporary mattress
  • and cover her-
  • we did not have the extra bed or couch
  • but she just loved sleeping on the floor
  • by our kitchen stove
  • she would leave after dinner the next day and
  • mother would send her off with food
  • to help keep her eating for a few days...
  • many others in the district did the same thing
  • although some would not let her sleep at their house
  • she lived about 3 miles away from our house
  • so here is the meal mama made when she could
  • ---------------
  • 6 potatoes * note - our potatoes and carrots were not small so I am guessing that it would be about 6 cups of each...
  • 6 carrots
  • butter a 9 by 13 cake pan
  • and slice potatoes and carrots
  • put in pan and add one can of tomato soup
  • plus one can of water---mother would use a cookie
  • sheet to cover for the first half of baking time
  • bake in oven around 300F degrees for
  • for approx. one hour--
  • boil eggs and when dish is ready- peel while hot
  • and place sliced or mashed eggs on top and
  • serve with biscuits and milk
  • I can only guess at the temp. and the time
  • as mother used the wood cook stove
  • sometimes mother used hot milk in place of the soup
  • ( I am
  • guessing about 3 cups )
  • I remember we all enjoyed it.....
  • and also enjoyed Mrs. Ford's visit
  • I am going to try this recipe soon to see
  • how my memory held out...
  • hugs from Meme

Sunday, February 8, 2009


  • I used to make this recipe when the kids were little and time was not always on my side-it makes a nice dish for blessing suppers at church
  • ----------------
  • 1 pound ground beef
  • 1 small to medium cabbage--sliced
  • 2 cans of tomato soup
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 onion (optional)
  • you can also add 1/3 cup of sour cream mixing in to pot- just before serving-
  • ---------
  • Brown ground beef in cooking pot- drain fat--
  • add sliced cabbage- tomato soup- and spices- (do not add water to the soup)
  • cover and simmer until cabbage is done or place in oven at 325 F for 40 minutes- this can be served over rice or noodles or mashed pototoes-
  • I prefer the oven method over stove top--but both do work-
  • this recipe can be doubled re ground beef and cabbage but only use the 2 cans of soup but add 3/4 can water-

Thursday, February 5, 2009


  • I thought that with the way our economy is swaying-
  • I would start digging out recipes that are old and true and have stood the test of time- I am slowly teaching my Miss Ashley that we do not go to the store in between grocery shops-
  • I will try to share some of the recipes that I find brighten our day-
  • when we were kids mama made puff wheat squares about once a month- now I see these squares selling in tea shops for over 2 dollars for one piece- (kids can have fun making the mixture into balls similar to popcorn balls for their bag lunch-)
  • -------------------
  • --------------------------
  • 1/3 cup margarine-
  • 1/2 cup corn syrup
  • 3/4 cup brown sugar
  • 2 tables spoons cocoa-- and
  • 8 cups of puffed wheat
  • cook margarine, corn syrup, brown sugar and cocoa just until bubbly= if you over cook the mixture it will be quite hard to bite into the squares
  • pour over the puff wheat and pack into a greased 9 by 13 pan. allow to cook before cutting-
  • have fun-
  • hugs from Meme

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I ran into this recipe while cleaning--this is an old homestead recipe put out in 1906- written as is...and no, I am not quite as old as this recipe--
Johnny Cake== Put 2 breakfast-cupfuls flour, 1 teacupful sugar, and 2 teaspoonfuls baking-powder in basin.
Mix well, rub a piece of butter size of walnut, add 1 teacupful of any fruit liked, such as sultanas, or currents, or peel or preserved ginger, or grated coconut, 1 egg(well beaten) and a cupful of milk. Pour into greased tin and bake about 1 hour. Oven should be medium hot, test heat with hand first. Keep fire going with green wood.
Have fun- I am going to try this recipe soon with out the wood-LOL--remember a breakfast cup and a teacup are not the same size--a teacup is about 2/3 of a cup and breakfast is about 1 cup
huggles me, Meme :-)

Friday, January 30, 2009

hint hunter

  • I love handy home hints -
  • and I sometimes
  • collect odd hints to experience
  • and although after I try them
  • most
  • of the hints do not work well for me..........
  • I am never sure why because
  • they must have worked for some one
  • in order for them to become a hint
  • of course, some do work
  • but now the problem
  • becomes remembering the hint
  • at the time one needs the hint-
  • sigh
  • my hints usually involve
  • both spending time and money
  • in order to save time and money
  • but I am not so sure that
  • I save either in the end
  • but some how it does not
  • seem to matter.....
  • so I will still continue
  • to collect hints and try them
  • and keep
  • the hints that work for me
  • and hope I remember the hint
  • at the right time and place
  • and I will still pass hints on
  • that work for me and hope that
  • they work for you-
  • I think hints are bonding
  • for keepers of the home
  • as I have never met anyone
  • who does not like hints or
  • does not have a hint to share
  • and we use hints passed down
  • from generation to generation
  • we use them because somehow
  • they come with love
  • soft hugs from Meme who shares this hint-
  • add a splash of lemon juice
  • to the cooking water when
  • you are making steamed rice
  • it gives you that nice bright
  • white color and does not change the taste-

Monday, January 26, 2009

clutter to clutter..

This is an old writing that I did in 2006 and I can see I have not changed too much--not sure if I have more or less clutter- I have declutter thoughts from time to time -but open spaces scare me--LOL-
Enjoy- it is old but new ....

I am a clutter bug and have been learning to declutter. I never knew these words until I discovered the internet. It is amazing what you can learn on email groups. In fact, the word declutter is not in my spell check yet. But decluttering I will go.
The first thing we are always told to do is ''make a to do list.'' That sounds fairly simple. All you need is pencil or pen and paper. Some suggest notebooks and others suggest the paper is enough. I like pencils with erasers but usually use a pen. I can never find the pencil sharpener.Well, the first part is easy as I have had paper and pens in my life since time for me began. I was born with a silver pen in my mouth rather than a spoon.
I also have more note books than I have time. Dollar stores have such pretty note books and the price is always right. Paper is easy to make if you tear a page out of a notebook.The second thing is to decide what to put on the list.

This is where I start to fail. I am not a one word woman. I cannot simply put down dishes unless I put down what to do with those dishes. I need to know if I mean wash or dry or put away. And what about the pots and pans? All right, maybe I can skip the dishes for today.
So then, lets try laundry- hmmm- what laundry? The whites, the colors or the bedding? Do I dry in the house or hang in outside? Forget that, we have enough clothes to wear for another week.
There are other things to do but so many decisions to make before I can write them down.So far the list is looking weak.
Now I put down floors and but which floors? I will put down swiffer floors as that is easy to write up and check off. And I like the word swiffer. It sounds so clean and what fun it is to check the dirt when you are done. Maybe the rug too but that means the vacuum which is not nearly as much fun. Believe me, it is far too difficult to check the dirt in the vacuum every day.
This list making is harder than I thought.I will write down on the list to remember to make a to do list tomorrow. I am to tired from thinking to write any more today. I will just set this list down somewhere . Better yet, I will toss this list out and get a new piece of paper tomorrow. This list has too many scratch outs.
Hey, I found something to do. I can dump the garbage so I have a clean place to put the paper.I do this every day which does prove that I am consistent with some things and I have also made a discovery about me. I am not a list maker.

Somehow this strikes me as a failure in some departments. The problem is I do not know what department. I still believe in lists; just not in making them. They take me too long to do.
I realized that it is ok to not make a list and that God has planned me to be more in the moment. I do clean well when I buzz about like a bee from here to there and everywhere. No one has starved to death in my house and dishes rinse well in emergencies. We can wear the same pants more than one day. And swiffering is such fun and our garbage cans are clean.
I used to buy a lot of books that had the perfect plan for me to become the perfect woman. They never said the word 'should' on the front cover but when I read the fine print I would feel lacking in many areas. I was always 'too' something or not enough something else. They said I needed to become someone else more or less to be perfect.
They never mentioned that God loved me just the way I was today. They never said that perfection consists of love and laughter mixed with tears and prayer. . They never said it is ok to be different. They never told me that I was knit together by the Father. They had long lists of things I could do to change me into a new pattern.
And just when I thought I had it right they wrote a new book and changed the rules.
I have learned as God's child I need to listen to the plans He has for me. He made some of us list makers and some of us not. He will determine my needs and goals. Now I am living one day at a time with Jesus as my list maker. I no longer have to have a list as one of my goals.
Now I am off to swiffer the floors and maybe I will try to find a note book. First I have to make a list of things to write in my notebook. And maybe after that I will see if I can find those' how to' books and declutter them. I only need one book of lists to read. The Bible is the book for me.
Huggles me, Marilyn Christine(Meme)Brighten the corner where you are....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

simple spring gifts

  • I have a house plant that several folks want clippings from
  • but as it is still cold winter here we are waiting and also
  • plants like to rest until March so I would rather not do cuttings yet..
  • while sorting the cupboard that holds all the spare
  • cups and this and that-- ( I had too this finally as nothing more would fit in -) --I know you understand :-)
  • I found several odd cups that need a new home
  • so I decided that I will make these into to mini plant pots
  • and for spring I will make these up as gifts for the friends who are
  • looking for the clippings- this way the plants will get a fair start
  • and look nice and the cups will find a new home
  • these are pretty cups rather than cups re advertisements
  • I will put a ribbon on the cup and share the joy
  • I also have some wide mouth vases that will make
  • some pretty gifts filled with candy or soap for Easter gifts
  • this gives me a hobby and a simple gift from the heart
  • hugs Meme who would live to hear more ideas

Saturday, January 24, 2009

recipe for this week--angel eggs


12 hard cooked eggs- cooled
1/4 cup grated fresh parmesan cheese-(you can use sharp cheddar cheese also)
4 table spoons mayonnaise
4 table spoons sour cream
pinch of salt- and pepper- both are optional -
Cut eggs in half - length ways - and remove yolks from eggs- cut tiny edge of whites to give flat bottom and set white halves a side-
add edges of white and yolks together and add the other ingredients-- Mash with fork until well mixed - if mixture appears dry- add a bit more mayo.
fill each egg white with approx. 1 (one) tablespoon of mixture-- and garish as desired-
(chopped fine parsley makes a nice color contrast)
you can also use recipe as egg salad for sandwiches by using all the whites in mixture and adjusting mayo-
hugs from Meme

Friday, January 23, 2009

SIMPLICITY is simple?

  • one of the things about simplicity is that it is not easy to start
  • but I know:
  • it has to start in the heart and I do believe
  • that what I/we may think of as simplicity is not what God
  • is wanting to work in my heart.....
  • I did think it would be easy
  • just eat less and use less and buy less and do less
  • but that is not quite how it is turning out for me
  • yes, I do turn out the lights when I leave a room
  • and I try to be ''green''. and many other so on...
  • but I see too that God wants me to start sharing
  • the things that I do have--
  • and not the typical ''drop off of old clothes'' at the
  • thrift store- sigh- I knew it was not going to be
  • that easy-
  • but what then is it that I am to do?
  • I am not sure yet but I know it is cutting into
  • my selfish heart
  • it is so easy to get caught up in what I have
  • and keep it to myself-
  • after all - it is mine- isn't it ?
  • and I did work for it etc etc etc. and
  • some of it holding a memory too ......
  • alas I have to say that I do not know
  • what God is going to ask me to do
  • but I do know that I am going to
  • have to become ''still'' and know
  • that He is God----and He owns the stuff
  • pray with me as I sort this out in my life
  • sigh
  • and I thought a cup of simplicity was going to be simple

hugs Meme

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

simply me tonight

  • lately we have got a lot of email notices of certain foods containing peanut paste having salmonella but one of the most surprising to me-
  • was the one where
  • they were pulling all celery with peanut butter in it or is that on it-
  • due to the salmonella problems
  • now maybe it is just me-- but have we become a nation of being spoiled along with having to sort out spoiled foods
  • why do we need to we save time by not being able to put our own peanut butter in our celery sticks- sigh-
  • and does not the peanut butter put the celery off the diet list-do you count both or is one on and one off?
  • carrots we don't have to peel
  • lettuce we don't have to cut up or even wash
  • dressings we do not have to mix- just open and pour
  • eggs already broken and beaten so all you need to do
  • is open and pour from the jar- how is that is going to
  • read out in our recipes?
  • I love to save time but the last time I looked these things cost more than the way they came originally- so then the I need to work more hours
  • to make my life more convenient-
  • and what if no one has inter-net to read the notices-
  • and the salmonella is hiding somewhere in a cupboard
  • just waiting for your tummy to learn to read-
  • -----------
  • just a silly thought or two that Meme feels
  • huggles me,

Monday, January 19, 2009

Pumpkin Pudding

Pumpkin Pudding--(pie without the crust)

2 cups pumpkin ( canned) I use one small can which is about a ounce short of the two cups.
3/4 cup brown sugar,
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon ginger
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 eggs, slightly beaten
1 cup evaporated milk /or cream
1/2 cup milk
1/4 water
Blend all ingredients,
pour into a buttered 1 1/2 quart casserole.
Bake at 350F for 55 to 65 minutes or until a knife inserted near center comes out clean. Cool and garnish with dollops of whipped cream or whipped topping.
store L/O in fridge -

hugs, Meme--no crust equals less calories :-)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

who is Meme?

who is Meme?
well, me of course but how did I get the name
when I was first on the net I just used my name - Marilyn
but then I went on a group of ladies where
there was another Marilyn
and this lady sent in jokes
that I did not want my name connected too
even by accident so I went to using Marilyn Christine
which worked somewhat but then folks
started to shorten my name to MC which
for me was not a good thing- but
being a pleasant sort of gal
I never corrected anyone or
told them I just did not want to be MC
now as you know ''our Miss Sidney
spent quite some time with papa and I
a few years ago while her mommy was working
and when ever Papa would call out''
who wants ice cream- Miss Sidney said
me and then I said
me-me --LOL
so after a while she would answer for me
and say me-me does too
and so I sort of adopted the name
by accident and finally became
assertive enough to ask the name
shorteners not to use MC but that they
could use meme--so I became Meme
here at my house I am now
the only one who calls me --meme
the g'kids call me Oma except Miss Sidney
who walks with her own beat of the drum and
calls me Nana
I did not even know there was a word for me-me
I just took it for me and left the dash out
now I know that meme means grandma
and also something else on the net
to do with questions or something of that sort
I did google in once upon a time
but memory of the meaning
passed away from my mind
Papa David called me Oma and honey and
many other sweet names
close to his time to leave
he always called me Oma or to the nurses
my wife who knows what I need--
he took new no pills
with out making them consult the wife
because I called papa --papa a lot
I did sign my name as papa's wife
as new folks were confused
thinking I meant my dad....
so that is sort of who I am now
Meme and you can call me that
any time you need too
as it really means to me- me too
and not age- it is an inter-net identity, of sorts
and saves typing for me and you
and you can call me Marilyn Christine too
but not MC although I would still answer
I hope I did not confuse anyone
and you will see this was a fun name
that took on my life as my own
and was all caused by eating ''ice-cream'
hugs from Meme aka Oma and Marilyn Christine

Saturday, January 17, 2009

sharing a link

this is a blog where I share stories of my yesterdays
some tales I have written before and they are family
stories of when I was a girl- sister- wife - and mother
and lots of Oma stories too- also some devotions that I wrote before
cancer came to our house-

everyone is welcome but do not feel obligated to follow me- although I see that I am following my self - LOL- I will not overwhelm you with too many stories
hugs Meme

Friday, January 16, 2009

Recipe for you--

1 cup sugar
1/2 cup butter, room temperature
3/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons (light) molasses
2 eggs
2 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking soda
1 teaspoon cinnamon
3/4 teaspoon ginger
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup whipping cream/or half and half
3/4 cup boiling water
Preheat oven to 350°F.Butter and flour 9x9x2-inch pan.Using electric mixer, beat 1 cup sugar and butter in large bowl .Beat in molasses, then eggs -1 at a time.
Sift in flour, baking soda, cinnamon, ginger, and salt; beat until blended. Beat in 1/4 cup cream, then add 3/4 cup boiling water and beat to incorporate. Transfer batter to prepared pan. Bake cake until tester inserted into center comes out clean, about 45 minutes. Cool cake in pan on rack *********************************
--Take a moment to enjoy day and be a blessing-

"On cable TV they have a weather channel – 24 hours of weather. We had something like that where I grew up. We called it a window." - (Dan Spencer )hugs, MEME

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

new club

The 12- step Chocoholic's Program:

NEVER be more than 12-steps away from chocolate.


Monday, January 12, 2009


Before papa hubby got sick and went home to the Lord- I had another blog-I am slowly cleaning it out..........sigh.........bittersweet
and found this recipe that we used often after a big family meal.........
a nice way to say good bye to left-overs
Pineapple Ham Bake:
2 cups crushed pineapple- undrained-------
1/4 cup brown sugar--------
-1 tablespoon vinegar------
-2 teaspoons ground mustard-----
3-4 cups cooked ham cut into bite size pieces.
Combine the first 4 ingredients in a ungreased 2 quart casserole dish. Stir in ham and bake uncovered about 35 minutes in a 350F oven. Serve with plain steamed rice and enjoy.
and here is a cheerio to ponder upon:

huggles from Meme

Sunday, January 11, 2009

oh, see what I did

I found a snippet to add to my blog and it worked-
Meme is flying-----lol
now soon I will have some other things to do here too and
I feel pretty in the pink :-)
hugs Meme

Simple thoughts

  • have you ever noticed how your mind can wonder away
  • from good thoughts
  • oh, please tell me that I am not the only one-!
  • one thing I committed to this year is to toss
  • the sale fliers that come with our local paper
  • what I do not see- I do not crave
  • or think that I might need when
  • in reality if I do not have it now
  • chances are I am not in need
  • 0f having it tomorrow -------
  • I do check the grocery fly-er from
  • one of our two groceries stores
  • and that is how I plan the meals for our week
  • which reminds me that I sent
  • the boy who is a friend of the
  • grand daughter who lives with Oma
  • to the grocery store and he did well
  • he kept the whole list in his head--LOL
  • and did not stray off the list by accident
  • but one thing I noticed when I put
  • the groceries away is that
  • he dented the milk that came in
  • a plastic jug
  • how does one dent milk?SMILE
  • only a boy would know-
  • the good news is there is no leak
  • and I did not ask or complain.........
  • papa hubby's cancer taught
  • me that there is a lot of small
  • stuff that we can panic or sweat about
  • that has nothing to do with having
  • a happy home....
  • I saw this wee poem about stuff
  • ''stop wishing for the things
  • you complain you have not
  • and start making the best
  • of all that you have got....'' (unknown)
  • I have decided to start
  • using my blessings instead
  • of storing them for the perfect day
  • so yes, now I am using my special teacup
  • every day now
  • I see that I did rather wonder
  • off and on from my first topic again
  • but sometimes that is
  • a good thing..

and yes, I am going to take the help to pretty up this blog

but it will be another day as Oma needs to make a simple supper-

huggles from OMA/MEME who will explain my names another day too

Saturday, January 10, 2009

pretty blogs

I have been peeking in on blogs tonight and now I am wondering how
one makes them all so pretty and picture friendly-?

mine are plain and simple but not by choice-
this year I will have to see if I can find a way
to brighten the corner where I blog.......

all ideas are welcome and hints too
huggles me, Meme

Friday, January 9, 2009


""Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread. Proverbs 30:8

wow- how often do I pray this verse? sigh-- so often I get caught up in many wants and the new word of the year,,,'' must haves'' and yet. God still supplies me with my daily needs and beyond.

Lord- give me the courage to pray this verse daily-

QUOTE; Little is much when God multiplies it.........amen

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Meme versus Miss Ashley.....

I am 60
she is 18
so today Meme says
we need to take down the tree
so Meme starts to remove
things with care
Meme runs to exchange
laundry that was in dryer
for laundry from the washer
Meme is 60 so Meme thinks there
is in no need to hurry
then Meme returns
wow = tree is down
corner is bare
oh my,
tree is in box
with lights and ornaments
still on the tree
Meme is silent--
or is that in shock
but after all- it is her/my tree
and it is taken down
and it is in the box
and the ornaments are packed
now Meme's hope is
that next Christmas
Meme will be out
shopping while Miss Ashley
sets up the tree
let me only say
that this tree did not come
with ornaments or lights
now Meme has only one
box to pack to the attic
and Meme is smiling
double hugs from Meme

Monday, January 5, 2009


  • SORRY that I have not been a blogging but
  • I have been off sick and tired
  • but I am now on the mend
  • so I will return soon
  • take care and have
  • a happy January
  • God bless everyone
  • hugs from Meme