Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Meme was playing ---..

  • with her settings and accidentally set the comments on moderation
  • so if you think you goofed ---
  • you didn't - meme did
  • but has reset you and me back to normal comments
  • today I did nothing around the house - and
  • Miss Ashley said--''that is a good thing-''
  • but I did go down to the church and help
  • make our pancake supper
  • the original lady was too upset
  • to do it as she has to place
  • her mom in a nursing home due to a stroke
  • and mama does not want to go
  • but right now she cannot walk
  • she is 91 and was able to drive her car
  • up to the stroke so mom is feeling
  • a lot of loss right now and
  • daughters are not understanding mom...
  • we had 68 plus come to the lent supper
  • and nearly ran out of pancake mix but we
  • did manage to feed everyone
  • I started the dinner alone
  • and then a couple of ladies came in later
  • to help and we snagged two men
  • to do the dishes-
  • I am eating a chocolate bar and
  • thinking of giving up my chocolate
  • for lent-
  • chocolate and me go together
  • I must do a study on lent as I
  • really do not understand it or
  • why of the giving up ----
  • but I am willing to do it
  • but I want to give up something
  • to the glory of God rather
  • than using legalism
  • I will go study it now
  • and see what the Lord shows me
  • we did not do this at our church
  • until the new pastor came
  • huggs from Meme


Heidi said...

I believe our pastor described it to us at one time as a time for humbling ourselfs before the lord in rembrance of the thing he did for HIS people. I don't want to give it away if you don't already know, (because you should find the reason for yourself in the bible not by what someone else telling you). I believe the reason in found in Exodus or Leviticus if you need a hint.

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. As I stated before in another posting, I lost my grandfather(dad to me) 5 yrs ago this month. I never really thought of it the way you put it. I appreciate your thoughts. I myself am starting to remember the things in his last few days that can be concidered miricals.

Thanks a bunchand lots of LOVES.

Queen of the Armchair aka dzintrastitcheries said...

I breathed a sigh of relief when I read that eveyone managed to get some pancakes...well done!!!