Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meme is getting soft.........

  • due to health problems Meme has to start eating soft foods
  • or well cooked much for salads-and carrot sticks too
  • and it got me to thinking about
  • how my life is rather soft
  • compared to the old days
  • which we look back on fondly
  • but I am not sure I would be able
  • to live that way again
  • there is something nice about
  • turning up the heat
  • turning on a tap
  • pushing buttons on dishwashers and
  • buttons on stoves
  • and listening to the flush
  • our old days were good
  • but they were hard work
  • too and I can see
  • now how hard mom and dad
  • had to work to make a living
  • so we could eat and etc.
  • even as they grew old they
  • had to make due with old ways
  • I am grateful for the blessings
  • that I have that make my life
  • much easier-
  • and especially now when
  • Meme has to go soft

Meme sends soft hugs.......


prairiedog said...

(((hugs right back at you)))
I used to ask my grandma stories of how she managed way back when.With no fridge,no power,all those things we take for granted now.It is hard for me to imagine and I don't know if my boys who are in their early twenties now have ever even thought about these things.
There are still lots of yummy foods that are good.For some reason mashed potatoes and pudding popped into my mind,I do like them both but maybe not together.hehe
Take care,Cyndi

Mildred said...

SOFT hug back to you! Please take care and feel better soon.

Heidi said...

I think I would like to try living "in the old days" for a week. We've had to try small things like no electricity or no running water but never all at once. We also go camping a lot so I kind of have a tiny bit of experience. Still I think I would like to try.

Sorry about the soft foods thing. I've had to do that before too and I found it dificult. Homemade smoothies with a tbsp of ground up flax sead was my absolute favorite. If you can still eat bread and you have a a blender or one of those purayers (sorry about spelling) you can make almost anything into a spread. I've even done tacos.

I hope I may have been a little bit of help! Good Luck and I'll be praying for you!