Monday, March 16, 2009


  • the fire is out
  • they had to tear down the building today
  • 4 businesses and 4 homes gone
  • but no deaths
  • one small injury
  • to make sure no hot spots continued
  • the two buildings beside have water- smoke
  • damage but our little cafe is still there
  • felt some better today
  • went for a walk to see the mess
  • and did chores at church also
  • I think Meme is hanging
  • out to much with teen -age gal
  • and not getting enough sleep
  • so Meme may have to change her
  • new bad habits-
  • and also I think some allergies
  • are coming and going
  • I will be a good example
  • and get ready for bed early
  • hugs and good night

1 comment:

Mildred said...

That was really a terrible fire.

I am glad you are feeling some better. My allergies are beginning to bother me also. Hope the extra rest makes you feel stronger. Have a good day.