Wednesday, March 18, 2009


  • I am beginning to find
  • the me in me again
  • after papa hubby died I felt lost
  • nothing seemed or felt right
  • the world was inside out
  • but lately I have been finding
  • little things of me again
  • shoulders a little straighter
  • life seems more alive with
  • a laugh here and a cry there
  • and tears for others too
  • my smile is more real
  • my heart less broke-
  • the sun is brighter
  • and the sky less gray
  • and
  • I know that papa hubby
  • would want to see me
  • as me again
  • I will always love him.
  • Death does not end love-
  • so slowly I will dig my
  • heart out of the sand
  • because then I can see
  • what God wants for do=
  • as He guides me into
  • being me again.
  • huggles from Meme


Blessings each day said...

Ahhhh, how well I can empathize with you. When my husband died it was as if my insides had been vacuumed out and I was just a shell. God blessed me with many, many wonderful years with him and I have to remember that when my heart still aches for him and show my gratitude.
God bless you,


Mildred said...

God bless you.

Queen of the Armchair said...

Beautiful Meme...I am sure your Papa Hubby is with you in Spirit...Many Blessings to you...Dzintra

Brenda said...

Isn't it wonderful to know that the Lord is right beside you during your times of grief. Where would we be without Him?