Sunday, January 11, 2009

Simple thoughts

  • have you ever noticed how your mind can wonder away
  • from good thoughts
  • oh, please tell me that I am not the only one-!
  • one thing I committed to this year is to toss
  • the sale fliers that come with our local paper
  • what I do not see- I do not crave
  • or think that I might need when
  • in reality if I do not have it now
  • chances are I am not in need
  • 0f having it tomorrow -------
  • I do check the grocery fly-er from
  • one of our two groceries stores
  • and that is how I plan the meals for our week
  • which reminds me that I sent
  • the boy who is a friend of the
  • grand daughter who lives with Oma
  • to the grocery store and he did well
  • he kept the whole list in his head--LOL
  • and did not stray off the list by accident
  • but one thing I noticed when I put
  • the groceries away is that
  • he dented the milk that came in
  • a plastic jug
  • how does one dent milk?SMILE
  • only a boy would know-
  • the good news is there is no leak
  • and I did not ask or complain.........
  • papa hubby's cancer taught
  • me that there is a lot of small
  • stuff that we can panic or sweat about
  • that has nothing to do with having
  • a happy home....
  • I saw this wee poem about stuff
  • ''stop wishing for the things
  • you complain you have not
  • and start making the best
  • of all that you have got....'' (unknown)
  • I have decided to start
  • using my blessings instead
  • of storing them for the perfect day
  • so yes, now I am using my special teacup
  • every day now
  • I see that I did rather wonder
  • off and on from my first topic again
  • but sometimes that is
  • a good thing..

and yes, I am going to take the help to pretty up this blog

but it will be another day as Oma needs to make a simple supper-

huggles from OMA/MEME who will explain my names another day too

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