Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Meme versus Miss Ashley.....

I am 60
she is 18
so today Meme says
we need to take down the tree
so Meme starts to remove
things with care
Meme runs to exchange
laundry that was in dryer
for laundry from the washer
Meme is 60 so Meme thinks there
is in no need to hurry
then Meme returns
wow = tree is down
corner is bare
oh my,
tree is in box
with lights and ornaments
still on the tree
Meme is silent--
or is that in shock
but after all- it is her/my tree
and it is taken down
and it is in the box
and the ornaments are packed
now Meme's hope is
that next Christmas
Meme will be out
shopping while Miss Ashley
sets up the tree
let me only say
that this tree did not come
with ornaments or lights
now Meme has only one
box to pack to the attic
and Meme is smiling
double hugs from Meme

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