Monday, April 6, 2009


what a lovely weather day- sunshine and soft breeze
and melting snow**
when I walked down town I had on no hat or gloves
this is the first time in 2009 for the gloves and the second day for the hat

the grand daughter and I went to do some small shopping
and then I stopped off and did the church chores-
Miss Ashley rested while I did them because
her feet hurt--LOL- and I thought I was the older lady
alas she is still a teen which means she buys shoes for looks
and not comfort.........

we had a nice day outing together
and we found the neatest book
called ---"I Remember Grandpa''
It is like a journal where you put all sorts of
special memories of grandpa so Oma is going
to do them with the girls-(I got each of the g'kids one)

Miss Ashley is old enough
to put in her memories-
they will be a wonderful
journal for the younger kidlets and if we do them
together Oma can help them with some of the
memories- there are places for photos etc- and
the nice thing is that they were at a dollar store(which
is why I could give one to each of the g'kidlets-
they are made with good quality paper etc -
and have a family tree to also follow and
questions and ideas and a lot of room to write in
the memories-------

so I was pleased- I find that the Lord
gives me so many blessings to help
all of us walk in our grief-
sometimes non christians cannot understand
how I can have joy in my grief

I tell them that my joy is a gift from the Lord
and a gift that Papa hubby prayed for me
before his home-coming-
have a wonder-filled week
huggles from Meme


Mildred said...

What a great find the memory books are. I know they will always be cherished. I know Papa Hubby did pray for you to find joy after his homegoing, and little by little the joys are forthcoming. God bless you this Easter especially. Today I take Nalley to the hospital for two more MRI's. We get the results at the Dr. tomorrow. I hope to be back posting next week. Until then, I wish you warm sunshine days.

Country Romantic said...

Memory books are a wonderful way to keep memories alive. My Grandma did one for me and now that she is close to her "homecoming" and cannot remember things very well, it is such a great gift and comfort for me.

Hugs & Blessings,


Jess said...

I love memory books and scrapbooks!!

Hope you had a great Easter and that you have a wonderful week

Love, Jess