Thursday, February 19, 2009

daddy cooking dinner

  • sometimes daddy would cook- if mama was away or out in the garden
  • our big garden was quite away from the house so it was
  • nice for mother not to have to walk back and forth
  • his favorite was a western sandwich
  • made
  • his way on the given day
  • he would use 6 eggs - beat with a fork until mixed
  • into a hot fry pan with bacon grease
  • and add some chopped tomatoes and potatoes
  • some green onion- and even cooked carrots
  • and maybe some crumbled bacon or cold beef or ham
  • sprinkle the ingredients on top of the eggs- but do not stir in-
  • cook until nearly done on bottom and flip over like a pancake
  • and finish cooking=this side will be less time-
  • cut into 3 and make up 3 sandwiches
  • this does sound a lot like an omelet but there is no folding over
  • and it is not as light........and
  • both sides were a golden brown
  • some folks call them a denver rather than a western sandwich
  • but we stuck with the name '' daddy's sandwich''
  • he did not toast the bread as it was home made
  • do not stir while cooking or you end up with scrambled eggs
  • we always had eggs as we raised the chickens from birth
  • I hate to think this now but I guess we ate the chickens
  • later on after they were old hens- sigh-
  • mama did not like eggs so she would find something
  • for herself......she did not she tended to eat
  • at odd times in the summer due to her garden-
  • huggles Meme


Mildred said...

Your Daddy's sandwich sounds like Nalley's Bachelor Special. Sweet memories you share today. Wishing you a peaceful weekend.

Jess said...

Hi..stopping by to let you know im still here, just working 2 jobs still... Hope all is well with you

have a great week
Love, Jess

jenjen said...

Hi - so nice to meet you! Your western sandwich sounds divine. What great thoughts!

Have a great night!