Wednesday, January 21, 2009

simply me tonight

  • lately we have got a lot of email notices of certain foods containing peanut paste having salmonella but one of the most surprising to me-
  • was the one where
  • they were pulling all celery with peanut butter in it or is that on it-
  • due to the salmonella problems
  • now maybe it is just me-- but have we become a nation of being spoiled along with having to sort out spoiled foods
  • why do we need to we save time by not being able to put our own peanut butter in our celery sticks- sigh-
  • and does not the peanut butter put the celery off the diet list-do you count both or is one on and one off?
  • carrots we don't have to peel
  • lettuce we don't have to cut up or even wash
  • dressings we do not have to mix- just open and pour
  • eggs already broken and beaten so all you need to do
  • is open and pour from the jar- how is that is going to
  • read out in our recipes?
  • I love to save time but the last time I looked these things cost more than the way they came originally- so then the I need to work more hours
  • to make my life more convenient-
  • and what if no one has inter-net to read the notices-
  • and the salmonella is hiding somewhere in a cupboard
  • just waiting for your tummy to learn to read-
  • -----------
  • just a silly thought or two that Meme feels
  • huggles me,

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Jess said...

I'm with you...sometimes I think that we are getting way too focused on convenience and not enough focused on safety!

Have a good day