Sunday, March 22, 2009

we got the snow

  • 10 inches so far- wet-heavy snow- not terribly cold though
  • and wind is slight so not moving the snow around
  • poor
  • Dogman- stepped of the door step and fell into the snow
  • up to his arm pits and that is where he stayed
  • so I had to go out and shovel him a pee patch
  • the snow is heavy so I will have to do it in
  • samll sprats-
  • it is call ''heart attack snow''
  • here in Alberta
  • pray for all and also roofs
  • we are blessed to have a high peak roof
  • but some are not so blessed
  • pray for no cave-ins and the high-ways
  • must go and drink some tea
  • and store up some energy for more shoveling
  • alas- some storms are not simple
  • but it is part of the joys of living in Alberta
  • hugs for today
  • Meme


Mildred said...

Oh my, it is warm and clear here today and blossoms are everywhere. I just noticed the kitty photo on your blog - is that new? That's an adorable photo!

prairiedog said...

Don't shovel anymore than you have to,I bet it will warm up soon and melt fast.Take care of yourself.btw,raining here,very foggy,hurry up spring!
((hugs))) Cyndi