Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am not lost --------

  • I have had a few days off from blogging and writing
  • I had Miss Sidney on an overnight Saturday
  • and some how Meme ended up on the mat on the floor
  • she woke up and her lips had stuck together
  • just being to dry and she had a little blood
  • if frightened her more than hurt
  • so Meme got the vaseline out and we got
  • them smooth again
  • but it took her a while to go back to sleep
  • and she ended up in Meme's bed
  • trying to sleep with Miss Sidney
  • is like sleeping with bouncing ball
  • so Meme crawled down on the mat--LOL
  • nice and warm down there and cozy
  • but no one told me I had to get up again
  • I guess I am too old for being down so far
  • at any rate- Meme rearranged her shoulder
  • which hurts and now has gone down my side
  • so I am whining and not feeling up to sitting
  • up like a lady --
  • 3 days now so I am hoping that it will
  • all just go away soon.....
  • Miss Sidney went home happy and
  • with smooth lips - the joys of being grandma
  • some times has ups and downs
  • so I will leave you with a Miss Sidney thought
  • that she told her dad
  • ""Oma, has glue to UN do your lips and blood
  • will not stain your fingers- "" LOL
  • huggles from Meme aka Oma


Jess said...

Hi...hope all is well with you and that your April is starting out well. have a good rest of the week.

Love, Jess

Mrs. Shields said...

what a cute story! i know what you mean about getting down and the floor and not thinking about having to actually get up again LOL!