Sunday, January 25, 2009

simple spring gifts

  • I have a house plant that several folks want clippings from
  • but as it is still cold winter here we are waiting and also
  • plants like to rest until March so I would rather not do cuttings yet..
  • while sorting the cupboard that holds all the spare
  • cups and this and that-- ( I had too this finally as nothing more would fit in -) --I know you understand :-)
  • I found several odd cups that need a new home
  • so I decided that I will make these into to mini plant pots
  • and for spring I will make these up as gifts for the friends who are
  • looking for the clippings- this way the plants will get a fair start
  • and look nice and the cups will find a new home
  • these are pretty cups rather than cups re advertisements
  • I will put a ribbon on the cup and share the joy
  • I also have some wide mouth vases that will make
  • some pretty gifts filled with candy or soap for Easter gifts
  • this gives me a hobby and a simple gift from the heart
  • hugs Meme who would live to hear more ideas


Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea to share your plants and pretty cups.

Michelle said...

Hi Meme,
Thank you for the nice comments. I have just been quickly looking at your blogs , and I have marked them to my list of reads. I will go back when I have more time, but work is calling me!

I couldn't email you because your blog is set to noreply, so I left a comment here.

Take care and have a wonderful day!

Jess said...

I know another blogger that has been breaking her chipped dishes and taking the chipped pieces and doing crafts and putting tops on tables and things like that

So there's another idea, but I think you pretty much have it down... sounds like great ideas to me!

Have a good week

StitchinByTheLake said...

Why not fill the jars with hot chocolate mix or spiced tea? They would make great gifts like that! blessings, marlene

Michelle said...

I couldn't leave a message in your new post, so I just wanted to say I loved it.