Friday, January 30, 2009

hint hunter

  • I love handy home hints -
  • and I sometimes
  • collect odd hints to experience
  • and although after I try them
  • most
  • of the hints do not work well for me..........
  • I am never sure why because
  • they must have worked for some one
  • in order for them to become a hint
  • of course, some do work
  • but now the problem
  • becomes remembering the hint
  • at the time one needs the hint-
  • sigh
  • my hints usually involve
  • both spending time and money
  • in order to save time and money
  • but I am not so sure that
  • I save either in the end
  • but some how it does not
  • seem to matter.....
  • so I will still continue
  • to collect hints and try them
  • and keep
  • the hints that work for me
  • and hope I remember the hint
  • at the right time and place
  • and I will still pass hints on
  • that work for me and hope that
  • they work for you-
  • I think hints are bonding
  • for keepers of the home
  • as I have never met anyone
  • who does not like hints or
  • does not have a hint to share
  • and we use hints passed down
  • from generation to generation
  • we use them because somehow
  • they come with love
  • soft hugs from Meme who shares this hint-
  • add a splash of lemon juice
  • to the cooking water when
  • you are making steamed rice
  • it gives you that nice bright
  • white color and does not change the taste-


Mildred said...

Funny thing, often others' tips don't work for me either. I'll try the rice trick - rice is one of hubby's favs.

Heidi said...

Other people's hints never work for me either. I tried the rice thing and my husband said it tasted lemmony, good thing he was haveing fish and pores the lemmon juice over the fish anyways. I thought it taisted fine. We started to use jasmine rice after that.
I have a hint for all you meat eaters though... After you cook up your meat for tacos or whatever you may use it for, dump it into a strainer and rinse it out with hot water. It makes it healthier and my family thinks it taists better when done for tacos.
I love hints too, expecially cooking ones.

Jess said...

ya..i try to never give hints because i hate gietting them unless they work!

Joyfulsister said...

I know what you mean. I tried some myself and it just did not work (smile) but than there are those that surprise the heck of me cuz they really do work!! I guess that's why it's worth giving it a never know!!
Thanks for your visit I was so happy to see you my sister!!

Hugz Lorie