Tuesday, March 17, 2009

pocket stories

pocket stories
Pocket stories is another blog
that I am working on where I am
putting some of my writing
that I did before papa hubby got sick
they are lessons of life
that the Lord has taught
me since I became a Christian
in 1987
some stories are new
you may notice papa mentioned
in some of the old.....
I used to write more before cancer
as an encouragement to other woman
you are welcome to read
it will take me some time
to transfer stories over
so it may not be a busy blog
God has taught me many lessons
and these are but a tiny sharing
and He is still teaching me
as I live my life for Him
papa hubby was my greatest fan
and loved to sit and watch me write
it was one of the things he said
he was looking forward when he
came home from the hospital
the first time
I quit my writings for a long time
but I feel it is time to share
and write again
feel free to read them or
free to not read
this is just a reminder that
they are there
you may share any you want too
I just ask that you leave my name
attached -
sometimes they will say copy write on them
but I feel they belong to the Lord
so nothing will happen if you
forget who the author is
and hugs and here is the link


Pocket StoriesLittle stories of life that have a message-fact and/or fiction- lessons of growth that God has blessed me with-the Lord teaches US each day as He blesses us in all things-lessons gifts to help us follow the Shepherd- please feel free to share but leave my name with the story- God bless everyone!! A pocket story is a short story- small enough to carry in our hearts and big enough to use again and again.
huggles Meme


Mildred said...

I am looking forward.

Ruthie said...

I'm glad you're writing again. :)

Mildred said...

I'm having a giveaway for my 200th post-come enter and maybe you and Miss Ashley will win!