Saturday, March 21, 2009


  • I started spring cleaning again
  • I did start once but got caught u in our winter here
  • it is not springy right now we have storm warnings
  • across Alberta
  • and we are being asked to stay at home
  • so Meme will have a quiet evening here
  • I may continue the cleaning bite by bite
  • and have a rest in between.......
  • I am trying to go through every nook and cranny
  • on the main floor
  • it is amazing how much one collects over time
  • and also how difficult it is deciding what to do
  • with some of the things....
  • it is not easy this year with
  • having no papa hubby here
  • he was my leg man
  • who vacuumed corners etc
  • while I cleaned and sorted --------
  • I am letting go of more things now
  • as I am the only one here and I have
  • become half of us....
  • Poppy was more of a keeper than I am
  • so I will give and toss and sort
  • and in the end I am hoping that there
  • will be less next year to gather dust
  • I enjoy this kind of cleaning but
  • only once a year
  • here we generally do not do a lot
  • of fall cleaning as we have work
  • to do outside preparing for our winters
  • hmmm- maybe we should change the name
  • to winter cleaning and we would all be done
  • when spring comes to us - but what else
  • can one do in Alberta in April as
  • we stay in between seasons with our
  • weather --
  • off to spring clean something
  • and I am hoping that it will be simple--LOL
  • huggles from Meme

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Mildred said...

Never thought about winter cleaning before! One job that I hate is twice a year I take all the china out of the china cabinet and clean the glass in the cabinet and all the dishes and crystal. Hope your storms won't be bad. Take care.