Tuesday, February 17, 2009


  • I was raised on farm in the 1950s - and in our area most folks lived as homesteaders as we did not have running water in the house- electricity- or an in door bathroom- and our heat was wood with some coal to supplement- we lived off the main road half a mile west and anyone living off the main did not have these blessings- until the early 60s.
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  • when we went to grandpa's house a few miles away he did have electricity as he lived on main road- and we could go out to his field and find arrow heads as his farm was once an Indian camping ground-
  • the buffalo - were of course- all gone- but we often saw buffalo skeletons close to the river-
  • this recipe reminded of those days gone by- they were plain and simple but they were also very hard work for the homesteader- especially the women- the good old days were tough- and more romantic in books than real life.
  • **************************
  • Buffalo stew--
  • one buffalo, medium sized
  • Rabbits- (optional)
  • salt and herbs - to taste
  • *********skin the buffalo and cut into bit sized pieces- add enough water to cover- simmer until tender-could take days......
  • add rabbits , - but be careful as people do not like to find a hare in their stew--
  • *LOL* (did I get you?)
  • this reminds of my life right now- I am trying to cut the buffalo(life) into bite sized pieces so that I can make the stew
  • I am doing ok.......I was raised in hard times so I know how to be strong but I do not know how to be lonely-
  • ==but this I know.
  • Jesus loves me, This I know,
  • For the Bible tells me so.
  • Little ones to Him belong;
  • They(I) are weak, but He is strong.

hugs from Meme

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Mildred said...

A big hug to you tonight from Georgia! I love the "hare" in the stew comment.