Tuesday, April 21, 2009

snow rainbow

  • our weather man says that we are going to get some snow tomorrow
  • and this what our spring does in Alberta-
  • and so our world may turn white for a while
  • but he did say that it would melt quickly
  • I have been out side a lot the last few days
  • just enjoying the fresh air and sunshine
  • Dogman joins me for a while but he is too old
  • to like the wind on his body-so he waits in the
  • house most days for me and greets me every time
  • I come back into the house
  • it does not matter if it is two minutes or two hours
  • he is just glad to see me again
  • I have been talking to him a lot
  • just to reassure him that I am still here
  • loving him
  • I am feeling better about life in general
  • and next week I go back to the specialist to see
  • what my tests said about me
  • have a wonderful day tomorrow and remember that
  • Jesus is in the spring- a spring of hope
  • hugs from Meme

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