Wednesday, February 18, 2009

simple treasures

  • because I am in a place where I have to make decisions about the things of papa hubby's I am noticing that it is the simple things he had that I find are treasures- what was his was mine and what was mine was his but we all some things that are just a part who we are--
  • here is a small list..
  • 1. his small plainer ( hope that is correct spelling) that he used when he was making the diamond willow walking sticks and canes-- it is now a paper weight-( he made the canes and sticks and sold them at the farmer's market)
  • 2. his belt buckle that he bought shortly after accepting Christ as Lord in his life- it says - Praise the Lord
  • 3. he had 2 soup mugs that he used in the last months at home as they were easier for him to use- and he loved chicken noodle soup for breakfast and dinner and supper- he called it his ''special''-
  • 4. a small dog blanket that he bought for Dogman but we used it to put under his arm that had the pic-line in - Dogman had no problem sharing -
  • His pic- pockets that the chemo nurses gave- they covered the pic-line when it was not being used for chemo and helped keep the ports from poking his arm-
  • twin hammers- he found these short hammers at the hard-ward and bought one for me and one for him - for just using in the house- a hammer for mama and one for papa too
  • his little bottle of opal that he kept with water in it and loved to show the colors to his friends-
  • His special cane that he made for himself - and used so much on his cancer journey-
  • his special forks- he was ocd about his forks- he just loved to use them and we did have 6 so we were able to keep him fed- they have a shorter handle than a normal fork -
  • his bent spoons- when ever we had soup( before cancer) he always would bend the spoon so we have a lot of spoons with bends in them as he would bend it back to normal when supper was over- and no - it was that the soup was like cement--LOL-
  • and his stuffed frog that he kept with at the hospital because when the nurses woud ask him about the frog he could tell them that it stood for ''FULLY RELY ON GOD -sometimes he got the word rely mixed with relax or reach but it was a seed planter no matter what word he used- I have to admit that the frog is ugly but he fit papa's personality....
  • -- these are some of the things of papa- there of course is so much more and I will share with kids etc but these odds and ends will remain with me-

hugs from Meme


Mildred said...

Very special memories indeed. I especially enjoyed reading about the FROG.

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Hi Meme...thansk for the visit & the comment. My Gizzy is 11 & 1/2 & he has major health issues. His kidneys are shot...they're only working @ 25%. We have to give him subQ fluids, every other day, to do the work his kidneys don't. It's not something commonly used on dogs but is on cats frequently. We've been doing it for 3 years now...I'm on borrowed time w/ him. :o(

You'd never know by his attitide that he's ill though. I can tell if his toxin levels get too high becuaes he starts acting puny. Otherwise, he's the happiest, most ornery little dog you'd ever see.

Heidi said...

I'm so Gald you have all these little things to remember him by. I can tell you don't need them, but they are nice ho have to kindle the little thoughts behind each memory. Keep him in your heart and keep spreading his love and the seads he tried to spread, and he will never leave you.