Wednesday, March 4, 2009

spring cleaning the kitchen

  • every now and then Meme has a moment of madness
  • and so I have started to spring clean the kitchen
  • and maybe I should add declutter too
  • my decor now is tea-pots, tea cups and plants
  • I need to toss the tea-pots into the dish washer
  • for a dusting and degreasing
  • before Miss Ashley arrived at my house
  • I only had dust
  • but she is a fry girl
  • and a high heat with no lid kind of cook
  • the good news is she does not cook often
  • unless it involves a can-opener-(wink)
  • there are other things in the kitchen
  • which are taking a hike
  • some I will clean and give Miss Ashley
  • for her home .......
  • and bribe my daughters to take some things
  • (another wink)
  • now that there is only me here
  • other than the gal and her pal now and then
  • I want to have a less cluttered look
  • so that is why I choose the above three
  • as simple decor,,,,,,,,
  • one thing I noticed that some of my
  • small appliances have failed to work
  • any more and I have decided not to
  • replace them
  • a lot of them are really more work
  • than if I did things the old fashioned way
  • this has created more space -and
  • gives me more joy in the kitchen
  • I think it will take about 3 days to
  • clean the kitchen to spring shape
  • -- then if the clean feeling is still
  • hanging around me
  • I will go to the dining room
  • so Meme has sprung into spring
  • and spring is not even here :-)
  • have a good day/night
  • and Meme will return


Mildred said...

It feels good to declutter and clean for Spring, doesn't it? I've been doing the same. I've never been one to have many kitchen appliances but a must for me is my electric can opener. Our dog eats canned no salt green beans for treats and if she hears me open a can, she is just SURE it is hers!!!

Queen of the Armchair said...

I LOVE bacon and eggs...I admire you so Meme for your decluttering...I tend to hang on to things...and then need a really big cleanout...Dzintra

Susan said...

I am trying to declutter my home. It is so hard because I am so attached to the things I've been given by my kids and friends.

Brenda said...

I'm enjoying your style of writing. Refreshing!