Friday, January 30, 2009

hint hunter

  • I love handy home hints -
  • and I sometimes
  • collect odd hints to experience
  • and although after I try them
  • most
  • of the hints do not work well for me..........
  • I am never sure why because
  • they must have worked for some one
  • in order for them to become a hint
  • of course, some do work
  • but now the problem
  • becomes remembering the hint
  • at the time one needs the hint-
  • sigh
  • my hints usually involve
  • both spending time and money
  • in order to save time and money
  • but I am not so sure that
  • I save either in the end
  • but some how it does not
  • seem to matter.....
  • so I will still continue
  • to collect hints and try them
  • and keep
  • the hints that work for me
  • and hope I remember the hint
  • at the right time and place
  • and I will still pass hints on
  • that work for me and hope that
  • they work for you-
  • I think hints are bonding
  • for keepers of the home
  • as I have never met anyone
  • who does not like hints or
  • does not have a hint to share
  • and we use hints passed down
  • from generation to generation
  • we use them because somehow
  • they come with love
  • soft hugs from Meme who shares this hint-
  • add a splash of lemon juice
  • to the cooking water when
  • you are making steamed rice
  • it gives you that nice bright
  • white color and does not change the taste-

Monday, January 26, 2009

clutter to clutter..

This is an old writing that I did in 2006 and I can see I have not changed too much--not sure if I have more or less clutter- I have declutter thoughts from time to time -but open spaces scare me--LOL-
Enjoy- it is old but new ....

I am a clutter bug and have been learning to declutter. I never knew these words until I discovered the internet. It is amazing what you can learn on email groups. In fact, the word declutter is not in my spell check yet. But decluttering I will go.
The first thing we are always told to do is ''make a to do list.'' That sounds fairly simple. All you need is pencil or pen and paper. Some suggest notebooks and others suggest the paper is enough. I like pencils with erasers but usually use a pen. I can never find the pencil sharpener.Well, the first part is easy as I have had paper and pens in my life since time for me began. I was born with a silver pen in my mouth rather than a spoon.
I also have more note books than I have time. Dollar stores have such pretty note books and the price is always right. Paper is easy to make if you tear a page out of a notebook.The second thing is to decide what to put on the list.

This is where I start to fail. I am not a one word woman. I cannot simply put down dishes unless I put down what to do with those dishes. I need to know if I mean wash or dry or put away. And what about the pots and pans? All right, maybe I can skip the dishes for today.
So then, lets try laundry- hmmm- what laundry? The whites, the colors or the bedding? Do I dry in the house or hang in outside? Forget that, we have enough clothes to wear for another week.
There are other things to do but so many decisions to make before I can write them down.So far the list is looking weak.
Now I put down floors and but which floors? I will put down swiffer floors as that is easy to write up and check off. And I like the word swiffer. It sounds so clean and what fun it is to check the dirt when you are done. Maybe the rug too but that means the vacuum which is not nearly as much fun. Believe me, it is far too difficult to check the dirt in the vacuum every day.
This list making is harder than I thought.I will write down on the list to remember to make a to do list tomorrow. I am to tired from thinking to write any more today. I will just set this list down somewhere . Better yet, I will toss this list out and get a new piece of paper tomorrow. This list has too many scratch outs.
Hey, I found something to do. I can dump the garbage so I have a clean place to put the paper.I do this every day which does prove that I am consistent with some things and I have also made a discovery about me. I am not a list maker.

Somehow this strikes me as a failure in some departments. The problem is I do not know what department. I still believe in lists; just not in making them. They take me too long to do.
I realized that it is ok to not make a list and that God has planned me to be more in the moment. I do clean well when I buzz about like a bee from here to there and everywhere. No one has starved to death in my house and dishes rinse well in emergencies. We can wear the same pants more than one day. And swiffering is such fun and our garbage cans are clean.
I used to buy a lot of books that had the perfect plan for me to become the perfect woman. They never said the word 'should' on the front cover but when I read the fine print I would feel lacking in many areas. I was always 'too' something or not enough something else. They said I needed to become someone else more or less to be perfect.
They never mentioned that God loved me just the way I was today. They never said that perfection consists of love and laughter mixed with tears and prayer. . They never said it is ok to be different. They never told me that I was knit together by the Father. They had long lists of things I could do to change me into a new pattern.
And just when I thought I had it right they wrote a new book and changed the rules.
I have learned as God's child I need to listen to the plans He has for me. He made some of us list makers and some of us not. He will determine my needs and goals. Now I am living one day at a time with Jesus as my list maker. I no longer have to have a list as one of my goals.
Now I am off to swiffer the floors and maybe I will try to find a note book. First I have to make a list of things to write in my notebook. And maybe after that I will see if I can find those' how to' books and declutter them. I only need one book of lists to read. The Bible is the book for me.
Huggles me, Marilyn Christine(Meme)Brighten the corner where you are....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

simple spring gifts

  • I have a house plant that several folks want clippings from
  • but as it is still cold winter here we are waiting and also
  • plants like to rest until March so I would rather not do cuttings yet..
  • while sorting the cupboard that holds all the spare
  • cups and this and that-- ( I had too this finally as nothing more would fit in -) --I know you understand :-)
  • I found several odd cups that need a new home
  • so I decided that I will make these into to mini plant pots
  • and for spring I will make these up as gifts for the friends who are
  • looking for the clippings- this way the plants will get a fair start
  • and look nice and the cups will find a new home
  • these are pretty cups rather than cups re advertisements
  • I will put a ribbon on the cup and share the joy
  • I also have some wide mouth vases that will make
  • some pretty gifts filled with candy or soap for Easter gifts
  • this gives me a hobby and a simple gift from the heart
  • hugs Meme who would live to hear more ideas

Saturday, January 24, 2009

recipe for this week--angel eggs


12 hard cooked eggs- cooled
1/4 cup grated fresh parmesan cheese-(you can use sharp cheddar cheese also)
4 table spoons mayonnaise
4 table spoons sour cream
pinch of salt- and pepper- both are optional -
Cut eggs in half - length ways - and remove yolks from eggs- cut tiny edge of whites to give flat bottom and set white halves a side-
add edges of white and yolks together and add the other ingredients-- Mash with fork until well mixed - if mixture appears dry- add a bit more mayo.
fill each egg white with approx. 1 (one) tablespoon of mixture-- and garish as desired-
(chopped fine parsley makes a nice color contrast)
you can also use recipe as egg salad for sandwiches by using all the whites in mixture and adjusting mayo-
hugs from Meme

Friday, January 23, 2009

SIMPLICITY is simple?

  • one of the things about simplicity is that it is not easy to start
  • but I know:
  • it has to start in the heart and I do believe
  • that what I/we may think of as simplicity is not what God
  • is wanting to work in my heart.....
  • I did think it would be easy
  • just eat less and use less and buy less and do less
  • but that is not quite how it is turning out for me
  • yes, I do turn out the lights when I leave a room
  • and I try to be ''green''. and many other so on...
  • but I see too that God wants me to start sharing
  • the things that I do have--
  • and not the typical ''drop off of old clothes'' at the
  • thrift store- sigh- I knew it was not going to be
  • that easy-
  • but what then is it that I am to do?
  • I am not sure yet but I know it is cutting into
  • my selfish heart
  • it is so easy to get caught up in what I have
  • and keep it to myself-
  • after all - it is mine- isn't it ?
  • and I did work for it etc etc etc. and
  • some of it holding a memory too ......
  • alas I have to say that I do not know
  • what God is going to ask me to do
  • but I do know that I am going to
  • have to become ''still'' and know
  • that He is God----and He owns the stuff
  • pray with me as I sort this out in my life
  • sigh
  • and I thought a cup of simplicity was going to be simple

hugs Meme

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

simply me tonight

  • lately we have got a lot of email notices of certain foods containing peanut paste having salmonella but one of the most surprising to me-
  • was the one where
  • they were pulling all celery with peanut butter in it or is that on it-
  • due to the salmonella problems
  • now maybe it is just me-- but have we become a nation of being spoiled along with having to sort out spoiled foods
  • why do we need to we save time by not being able to put our own peanut butter in our celery sticks- sigh-
  • and does not the peanut butter put the celery off the diet list-do you count both or is one on and one off?
  • carrots we don't have to peel
  • lettuce we don't have to cut up or even wash
  • dressings we do not have to mix- just open and pour
  • eggs already broken and beaten so all you need to do
  • is open and pour from the jar- how is that is going to
  • read out in our recipes?
  • I love to save time but the last time I looked these things cost more than the way they came originally- so then the I need to work more hours
  • to make my life more convenient-
  • and what if no one has inter-net to read the notices-
  • and the salmonella is hiding somewhere in a cupboard
  • just waiting for your tummy to learn to read-
  • -----------
  • just a silly thought or two that Meme feels
  • huggles me,

Monday, January 19, 2009

Pumpkin Pudding

Pumpkin Pudding--(pie without the crust)

2 cups pumpkin ( canned) I use one small can which is about a ounce short of the two cups.
3/4 cup brown sugar,
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon ginger
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 eggs, slightly beaten
1 cup evaporated milk /or cream
1/2 cup milk
1/4 water
Blend all ingredients,
pour into a buttered 1 1/2 quart casserole.
Bake at 350F for 55 to 65 minutes or until a knife inserted near center comes out clean. Cool and garnish with dollops of whipped cream or whipped topping.
store L/O in fridge -

hugs, Meme--no crust equals less calories :-)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

who is Meme?

who is Meme?
well, me of course but how did I get the name
when I was first on the net I just used my name - Marilyn
but then I went on a group of ladies where
there was another Marilyn
and this lady sent in jokes
that I did not want my name connected too
even by accident so I went to using Marilyn Christine
which worked somewhat but then folks
started to shorten my name to MC which
for me was not a good thing- but
being a pleasant sort of gal
I never corrected anyone or
told them I just did not want to be MC
now as you know ''our Miss Sidney
spent quite some time with papa and I
a few years ago while her mommy was working
and when ever Papa would call out''
who wants ice cream- Miss Sidney said
me and then I said
me-me --LOL
so after a while she would answer for me
and say me-me does too
and so I sort of adopted the name
by accident and finally became
assertive enough to ask the name
shorteners not to use MC but that they
could use meme--so I became Meme
here at my house I am now
the only one who calls me --meme
the g'kids call me Oma except Miss Sidney
who walks with her own beat of the drum and
calls me Nana
I did not even know there was a word for me-me
I just took it for me and left the dash out
now I know that meme means grandma
and also something else on the net
to do with questions or something of that sort
I did google in once upon a time
but memory of the meaning
passed away from my mind
Papa David called me Oma and honey and
many other sweet names
close to his time to leave
he always called me Oma or to the nurses
my wife who knows what I need--
he took new no pills
with out making them consult the wife
because I called papa --papa a lot
I did sign my name as papa's wife
as new folks were confused
thinking I meant my dad....
so that is sort of who I am now
Meme and you can call me that
any time you need too
as it really means to me- me too
and not age- it is an inter-net identity, of sorts
and saves typing for me and you
and you can call me Marilyn Christine too
but not MC although I would still answer
I hope I did not confuse anyone
and you will see this was a fun name
that took on my life as my own
and was all caused by eating ''ice-cream'
hugs from Meme aka Oma and Marilyn Christine

Saturday, January 17, 2009

sharing a link

this is a blog where I share stories of my yesterdays
some tales I have written before and they are family
stories of when I was a girl- sister- wife - and mother
and lots of Oma stories too- also some devotions that I wrote before
cancer came to our house-

everyone is welcome but do not feel obligated to follow me- although I see that I am following my self - LOL- I will not overwhelm you with too many stories
hugs Meme

Friday, January 16, 2009

Recipe for you--

1 cup sugar
1/2 cup butter, room temperature
3/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons (light) molasses
2 eggs
2 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking soda
1 teaspoon cinnamon
3/4 teaspoon ginger
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup whipping cream/or half and half
3/4 cup boiling water
Preheat oven to 350°F.Butter and flour 9x9x2-inch pan.Using electric mixer, beat 1 cup sugar and butter in large bowl .Beat in molasses, then eggs -1 at a time.
Sift in flour, baking soda, cinnamon, ginger, and salt; beat until blended. Beat in 1/4 cup cream, then add 3/4 cup boiling water and beat to incorporate. Transfer batter to prepared pan. Bake cake until tester inserted into center comes out clean, about 45 minutes. Cool cake in pan on rack *********************************
--Take a moment to enjoy day and be a blessing-

"On cable TV they have a weather channel – 24 hours of weather. We had something like that where I grew up. We called it a window." - (Dan Spencer )hugs, MEME

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

new club

The 12- step Chocoholic's Program:

NEVER be more than 12-steps away from chocolate.


Monday, January 12, 2009


Before papa hubby got sick and went home to the Lord- I had another blog-I am slowly cleaning it out..........sigh.........bittersweet
and found this recipe that we used often after a big family meal.........
a nice way to say good bye to left-overs
Pineapple Ham Bake:
2 cups crushed pineapple- undrained-------
1/4 cup brown sugar--------
-1 tablespoon vinegar------
-2 teaspoons ground mustard-----
3-4 cups cooked ham cut into bite size pieces.
Combine the first 4 ingredients in a ungreased 2 quart casserole dish. Stir in ham and bake uncovered about 35 minutes in a 350F oven. Serve with plain steamed rice and enjoy.
and here is a cheerio to ponder upon:

huggles from Meme

Sunday, January 11, 2009

oh, see what I did

I found a snippet to add to my blog and it worked-
Meme is flying-----lol
now soon I will have some other things to do here too and
I feel pretty in the pink :-)
hugs Meme

Simple thoughts

  • have you ever noticed how your mind can wonder away
  • from good thoughts
  • oh, please tell me that I am not the only one-!
  • one thing I committed to this year is to toss
  • the sale fliers that come with our local paper
  • what I do not see- I do not crave
  • or think that I might need when
  • in reality if I do not have it now
  • chances are I am not in need
  • 0f having it tomorrow -------
  • I do check the grocery fly-er from
  • one of our two groceries stores
  • and that is how I plan the meals for our week
  • which reminds me that I sent
  • the boy who is a friend of the
  • grand daughter who lives with Oma
  • to the grocery store and he did well
  • he kept the whole list in his head--LOL
  • and did not stray off the list by accident
  • but one thing I noticed when I put
  • the groceries away is that
  • he dented the milk that came in
  • a plastic jug
  • how does one dent milk?SMILE
  • only a boy would know-
  • the good news is there is no leak
  • and I did not ask or complain.........
  • papa hubby's cancer taught
  • me that there is a lot of small
  • stuff that we can panic or sweat about
  • that has nothing to do with having
  • a happy home....
  • I saw this wee poem about stuff
  • ''stop wishing for the things
  • you complain you have not
  • and start making the best
  • of all that you have got....'' (unknown)
  • I have decided to start
  • using my blessings instead
  • of storing them for the perfect day
  • so yes, now I am using my special teacup
  • every day now
  • I see that I did rather wonder
  • off and on from my first topic again
  • but sometimes that is
  • a good thing..

and yes, I am going to take the help to pretty up this blog

but it will be another day as Oma needs to make a simple supper-

huggles from OMA/MEME who will explain my names another day too

Saturday, January 10, 2009

pretty blogs

I have been peeking in on blogs tonight and now I am wondering how
one makes them all so pretty and picture friendly-?

mine are plain and simple but not by choice-
this year I will have to see if I can find a way
to brighten the corner where I blog.......

all ideas are welcome and hints too
huggles me, Meme

Friday, January 9, 2009


""Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread. Proverbs 30:8

wow- how often do I pray this verse? sigh-- so often I get caught up in many wants and the new word of the year,,,'' must haves'' and yet. God still supplies me with my daily needs and beyond.

Lord- give me the courage to pray this verse daily-

QUOTE; Little is much when God multiplies it.........amen

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Meme versus Miss Ashley.....

I am 60
she is 18
so today Meme says
we need to take down the tree
so Meme starts to remove
things with care
Meme runs to exchange
laundry that was in dryer
for laundry from the washer
Meme is 60 so Meme thinks there
is in no need to hurry
then Meme returns
wow = tree is down
corner is bare
oh my,
tree is in box
with lights and ornaments
still on the tree
Meme is silent--
or is that in shock
but after all- it is her/my tree
and it is taken down
and it is in the box
and the ornaments are packed
now Meme's hope is
that next Christmas
Meme will be out
shopping while Miss Ashley
sets up the tree
let me only say
that this tree did not come
with ornaments or lights
now Meme has only one
box to pack to the attic
and Meme is smiling
double hugs from Meme

Monday, January 5, 2009


  • SORRY that I have not been a blogging but
  • I have been off sick and tired
  • but I am now on the mend
  • so I will return soon
  • take care and have
  • a happy January
  • God bless everyone
  • hugs from Meme