Sunday, April 26, 2009


  • it seems like this week has every day planned
  • but I am looking forward to get some of the things
  • caught up so that when spring comes I can be
  • outside more often this spring and summer
  • I know that I said spring was here but now
  • it is snowing here again
  • it is fairly light and melting quickly but
  • there is not much outside chores that
  • can be completed
  • Monday is bank and bill day-
  • also our our church ladies
  • passed away at the wonder age of 96
  • so there will be a funeral to take care of
  • on Wednesday-
  • Tuesday is doctor day and seniors day
  • so I will have to balance out both
  • it will be nice to not have to cook supper home -
  • as supper is at the church this week
  • Thursday is meetings day
  • so the week will be busy
  • have a wonder week and take care
  • of each other
  • think I can keep all of this in my head
  • and then I can report in - :-)
  • hugs from Meme

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

snow rainbow

  • our weather man says that we are going to get some snow tomorrow
  • and this what our spring does in Alberta-
  • and so our world may turn white for a while
  • but he did say that it would melt quickly
  • I have been out side a lot the last few days
  • just enjoying the fresh air and sunshine
  • Dogman joins me for a while but he is too old
  • to like the wind on his body-so he waits in the
  • house most days for me and greets me every time
  • I come back into the house
  • it does not matter if it is two minutes or two hours
  • he is just glad to see me again
  • I have been talking to him a lot
  • just to reassure him that I am still here
  • loving him
  • I am feeling better about life in general
  • and next week I go back to the specialist to see
  • what my tests said about me
  • have a wonderful day tomorrow and remember that
  • Jesus is in the spring- a spring of hope
  • hugs from Meme

Friday, April 17, 2009


  • spring is here now and looks like it plans to stay
  • most of the snow has melted
  • so yesterday I got side and re-arranged our outdoor
  • chairs and etc plus Dogman's love-seat into the shade
  • we are on the south side and it can get quite hot
  • by supper time but it would be nice to have some
  • picnic suppers out there for the grand kids
  • and Meme and Dogman too
  • also more shade for Dogman as he can go
  • under his loveseat for shade or lay on it
  • for a suntan
  • Dogman and I had our own picnic supper outside last night
  • we swept and dusted and washed and now it is just
  • like an extra room
  • we had such a long winter and it feels good to
  • have the balcony ship shape
  • it is quite large as it is Dogman's play ground as
  • it is fenced on all sides and then he has
  • a personal pee patch a few feet away-
  • I find doing things like this does help
  • my grief ......yes, there are memories out there too
  • but happy rejoicing memories
  • now this week end I do have some more yard
  • chores to do- and the front will need another week
  • of thawing snow before we can do anything
  • Miss Ashley can look after that area
  • I hope I never lose my love of being busy
  • I remember to rest too and I am just beginning
  • to learn at my age - to pace myself-
  • have a wonder week end
  • hugs from Meme who is miles behind in blogging but
  • filled with fresh air and sunshine

Monday, April 6, 2009


what a lovely weather day- sunshine and soft breeze
and melting snow**
when I walked down town I had on no hat or gloves
this is the first time in 2009 for the gloves and the second day for the hat

the grand daughter and I went to do some small shopping
and then I stopped off and did the church chores-
Miss Ashley rested while I did them because
her feet hurt--LOL- and I thought I was the older lady
alas she is still a teen which means she buys shoes for looks
and not comfort.........

we had a nice day outing together
and we found the neatest book
called ---"I Remember Grandpa''
It is like a journal where you put all sorts of
special memories of grandpa so Oma is going
to do them with the girls-(I got each of the g'kids one)

Miss Ashley is old enough
to put in her memories-
they will be a wonderful
journal for the younger kidlets and if we do them
together Oma can help them with some of the
memories- there are places for photos etc- and
the nice thing is that they were at a dollar store(which
is why I could give one to each of the g'kidlets-
they are made with good quality paper etc -
and have a family tree to also follow and
questions and ideas and a lot of room to write in
the memories-------

so I was pleased- I find that the Lord
gives me so many blessings to help
all of us walk in our grief-
sometimes non christians cannot understand
how I can have joy in my grief

I tell them that my joy is a gift from the Lord
and a gift that Papa hubby prayed for me
before his home-coming-
have a wonder-filled week
huggles from Meme

Saturday, April 4, 2009


  • Today was a wonderful spring like day
  • and now the snow is melting fast
  • before I know it or want too (wink)
  • I will be out spring
  • cleaning the yard-----
  • I am going to keep the outside chores
  • simple this year- just a few flowers
  • to decorate the balcony
  • I like spring as it reminds
  • me of renewal
  • where everything is restoring --
  • we call it spring time in the Rockies
  • even though we live about a 100 miles
  • from the mountains
  • we can see them from a hill a little
  • ways from our house and we can see
  • the snow on the tops reminding
  • us that winter must come too
  • ******************************
  • cleaning is never easy to do
  • but everything looks so nice when we are done
  • it is a type of restoration to our
  • homes and to us-- and Easter
  • reminds us what life is really all about...
  • I miss papa hubby being here and
  • I am OK and
  • OK is enough for now
  • happy Sunday to everyone
  • and see you soon
  • hugs from Meme