Monday, March 23, 2009

Dogman speaks...

Dogman felt left out so he wants you to know
that he lives here too
and if he had only seen the kitty first--hahaha
he really does not mind cats as long as they stay
on the other side of the fence-
here he is on his old kitchen rug but we had
to buy him a new one as his nails would
get caught so he upgraded- the floor is too cold for him in the kitchen
with Alberta winters.........
so we have an area rug- sigh- I am beginning to think we do a lot
for him-LOL
his own chair- his own rug-
his own corner--his own special diet- wow
no wonder he thinks he is the top dog in this house-
hugs from Meme and Dogman who is does not believe in simplicity-----


prairiedog said...

Dogman is just adorable!I always imagined dogman to be a big boy..shhh,don't tell him I said that,I'm sure he thinks he's a very big man.Thanks for leaving me such a sweet comment,I sure appreciate it.It's always good to hear from you.
((hugs from saskatchewan)))

Mildred said...

Funny, I thought Dogman was a large dog too! What a sweet face. I'm sure he deserves a special, warm rug and a special diet. Looks like he has a lot of love to give and he looks very content.