Saturday, April 4, 2009


  • Today was a wonderful spring like day
  • and now the snow is melting fast
  • before I know it or want too (wink)
  • I will be out spring
  • cleaning the yard-----
  • I am going to keep the outside chores
  • simple this year- just a few flowers
  • to decorate the balcony
  • I like spring as it reminds
  • me of renewal
  • where everything is restoring --
  • we call it spring time in the Rockies
  • even though we live about a 100 miles
  • from the mountains
  • we can see them from a hill a little
  • ways from our house and we can see
  • the snow on the tops reminding
  • us that winter must come too
  • ******************************
  • cleaning is never easy to do
  • but everything looks so nice when we are done
  • it is a type of restoration to our
  • homes and to us-- and Easter
  • reminds us what life is really all about...
  • I miss papa hubby being here and
  • I am OK and
  • OK is enough for now
  • happy Sunday to everyone
  • and see you soon
  • hugs from Meme

1 comment:

Mildred said...

Good Morning, I know that is a beautiful view from the hill near your home of the Rockies. What type of flowers will you plant in your boxes? I am terrible with flowers in containers - I hope to plant a little splash of color near the front porch to enjoy. We have never had frost after Apr. 17 here in GA. Just a little while longer til I can choose some pretty flowers! Good Day to You.