Saturday, May 16, 2009


  • The other day we had a busy time and no one wanted to really cook
  • but eating out was not a financial option
  • so I asked everyone(4 of us AND then 3 came later)
  • what they would order
  • in a cafe that was not too expensive
  • everyone came to the conclusion it would be
  • toasted bacon and tomato and lettuce sands /fries
  • this came up as B-----works in a cafe and she knew
  • the prices etc' and that they come with fries-
  • however having this supper out still was not an option
  • so I decided to make our own and give a money lesson
  • at the same time
  • my cost for seven sands: was 3.49 for the bacon-
  • 1.99 for the bread and 1.15 for 2 tomatoes plus 1.99 for
  • the oven fries and no one
  • wanted lettuce which is what they would done if we were
  • out too- we had butter and mayo and salt etc,
  • we made the sands together
  • took no longer than if we drove down and ordered
  • waited
  • for them -to come to us
  • our cost rounded off was 8.65 - and we ended up
  • with 7 sandwiches- I had B..... help make them as
  • they would have come if we were at the cafe-
  • we had great fun but the real lesson was that if we
  • had bought these sands in the cafe- at 9 dollars per
  • person times 7 - we would have spent 63.00 plus
  • 5 % tax-(another 3.15 plus tip)
  • we do not have to pay taxes on the food
  • direct from the grocery store- only on cafe foods-
  • and no one tipped me--LOL
  • the price difference rounded off -
  • came to 57.00 dollars-
  • yes- we did the work and yes- we did have some
  • cost re-- electricity
  • it is wonderful to eat out and fun too
  • but eating in can be wonderful and fun also
  • no one could believe how much we saved
  • by not having the option of going out
  • --------
  • this is a good lesson for us all
  • in today's economy and
  • there are less expensive quick home meals
  • but we were in the a treat meal and
  • we had a treat at a very low cost
  • at home compared to the cafe
  • lessons in life for my teens and dear daughters and
  • we had bread left over too :-)
  • hugs from Meme


Jess said...

Yes that was a lesson!

Hope all is well and that you have a great week ahead.

Love, jess

Terry said...

That was a really great lesson,thanks for sharing your list .
Blessings to you.

Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh....

This is absolutely fabulous!

I've never broken a meal of BLT's down before, but I have figured out the cost of eating Lasagne out for a family of seven (hubbs, me, son & spouse, daughter & spouse & 1granddaughter). It costs over $11 each at Olive Garden which includes salad but no drink. With drinks is about $13.50 per person (total of $80.50 BEFORE 15% tip). When I make the meal myself (which is better anyway)it costs $17 for the entire dish and that includes drinks for everyone! Dinner out with drinks & tip is close to $100 USD. Making and serving Lasagne, Salad & Drinks at home is about $25. HUGE difference. If I cook the meal someone else has to clean up tho! :) Worth the $75 savings...


Great Bloggie you have!