Monday, May 18, 2009


that is right- we got the SNOW and it is still on the ground- about 2 inches and maybe more tonight-we were organized enough to bring in Miss Ashley's planter boxes that had already come up- and the ones that were too big for us to lift I covered with glass windows(old and was going to toss but decided to keep for this very reason--LOL) and then blankets- I can only hope that this is warm enough to save them for her- now she knows why Oma says not to plant seeds in this part of Alberta before May 15- I know tha seeds can be replanted but she did it with such joy and excitement that I am praying to save them for her- on the grand scale of things this is small but to see Miss Ashley have joy is joy to me------so I shoveled snow today and also took advantage of the snow day to do nothingI did tidy as I did normal daily living so the house is no worse than yesterday night and maybe even a little better.


Saturday, May 16, 2009


  • The other day we had a busy time and no one wanted to really cook
  • but eating out was not a financial option
  • so I asked everyone(4 of us AND then 3 came later)
  • what they would order
  • in a cafe that was not too expensive
  • everyone came to the conclusion it would be
  • toasted bacon and tomato and lettuce sands /fries
  • this came up as B-----works in a cafe and she knew
  • the prices etc' and that they come with fries-
  • however having this supper out still was not an option
  • so I decided to make our own and give a money lesson
  • at the same time
  • my cost for seven sands: was 3.49 for the bacon-
  • 1.99 for the bread and 1.15 for 2 tomatoes plus 1.99 for
  • the oven fries and no one
  • wanted lettuce which is what they would done if we were
  • out too- we had butter and mayo and salt etc,
  • we made the sands together
  • took no longer than if we drove down and ordered
  • waited
  • for them -to come to us
  • our cost rounded off was 8.65 - and we ended up
  • with 7 sandwiches- I had B..... help make them as
  • they would have come if we were at the cafe-
  • we had great fun but the real lesson was that if we
  • had bought these sands in the cafe- at 9 dollars per
  • person times 7 - we would have spent 63.00 plus
  • 5 % tax-(another 3.15 plus tip)
  • we do not have to pay taxes on the food
  • direct from the grocery store- only on cafe foods-
  • and no one tipped me--LOL
  • the price difference rounded off -
  • came to 57.00 dollars-
  • yes- we did the work and yes- we did have some
  • cost re-- electricity
  • it is wonderful to eat out and fun too
  • but eating in can be wonderful and fun also
  • no one could believe how much we saved
  • by not having the option of going out
  • --------
  • this is a good lesson for us all
  • in today's economy and
  • there are less expensive quick home meals
  • but we were in the a treat meal and
  • we had a treat at a very low cost
  • at home compared to the cafe
  • lessons in life for my teens and dear daughters and
  • we had bread left over too :-)
  • hugs from Meme

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

book club

  • to day was book club day at our library and what
  • we do is get together and giggle and on occasion
  • read the book
  • it is the simple things that can bring joy and laughter
  • and make memories
  • hugs from Meme

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

spring showers

  • we had a few spring showers this evening so soon the flowers
  • will start to grow
  • some green grass is peeking through
  • I love spring and our spring is late this year
  • playing peek a boo........
  • I had a simple day ....and made some chilimac for supper
  • it is quite simple-
  • (1 pound) hamburger
  • brown the hamburger - drain extra fat- add tomato soup-
  • 1 can water
  • and a wee bit of pizza or spaghetti sauce
  • I added half a cup and then add 1 tablespoon chili powder
  • this is a recipe from Meme's head so the details are
  • kind of sketchy- (wink)
  • bring to low boil-and added another cup of hot water
  • and add 1 cup of macaroni
  • cook(low) for 20 minutes-
  • mixture should just have tiny bubbles or
  • it will burn.........
  • (this can be made in the oven also but my
  • oven is not working right now)
  • and serve to two teen age-rs-
  • help your self first as there will be no left-overs
  • we shredded some cheese as topping and also
  • would have had sour cream but we were out-LOL
  • we had no healthy salad or veggies but we had buns :-)
  • this was just a fun meal for Oma who was
  • taking some time off to enjoy her simple day-
  • one pan to wash....
  • you can double this recipe etc- and it will thicken
  • as it cooks..........
  • hugs from Meme aka Oma

Monday, May 4, 2009

spring in our year

yesterday and today were good weather days here and so
we began to clean up the yard and do spring chores
Miss Ashley and I did a lot of work and the boy who is
a friend lent us a hand but I must say we are much more
intent- he is a good helper for lifting and watching_LOL
we did a lot and we both sure missed papa hubby here
we trimed trees and raked leaves and cleaned - and cleaned
I am a year behind as last spring papa was our priority-
it was nice working together and discussing papa memories
the church misses him a lot too
as he did the yard work there too
but I will not be able to take over that job
Miss Ashley did plant some flower seeds but I think she is
rushing Alberta weather- but this is how she learns and there is
always a chance that we will not get a spring snow in May--LOL
she also topped some of the trees that papa planted when a
grand child was born - so we have a few
she is strong- Oma could hardly pick up the trimmers but she
did a good job- and would have passed papa's inspection -
the boy who is a friend and the future husband
made supper and burned it and burned it--LOL
smoke and smoke and more smoke
we ate it anyway as we workers were hungry
but a tough frying pan mess- sigh- he used two so
we still have two frying pans soaking -
I think one should not cook if there is a hockey game on TV
but every thing will come out in the wash and the smoke
has disapated so we do not run into one and other -LOL
good night, all--happy spring
hugs from Meme aka Oma