Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am not lost --------

  • I have had a few days off from blogging and writing
  • I had Miss Sidney on an overnight Saturday
  • and some how Meme ended up on the mat on the floor
  • she woke up and her lips had stuck together
  • just being to dry and she had a little blood
  • if frightened her more than hurt
  • so Meme got the vaseline out and we got
  • them smooth again
  • but it took her a while to go back to sleep
  • and she ended up in Meme's bed
  • trying to sleep with Miss Sidney
  • is like sleeping with bouncing ball
  • so Meme crawled down on the mat--LOL
  • nice and warm down there and cozy
  • but no one told me I had to get up again
  • I guess I am too old for being down so far
  • at any rate- Meme rearranged her shoulder
  • which hurts and now has gone down my side
  • so I am whining and not feeling up to sitting
  • up like a lady --
  • 3 days now so I am hoping that it will
  • all just go away soon.....
  • Miss Sidney went home happy and
  • with smooth lips - the joys of being grandma
  • some times has ups and downs
  • so I will leave you with a Miss Sidney thought
  • that she told her dad
  • ""Oma, has glue to UN do your lips and blood
  • will not stain your fingers- "" LOL
  • huggles from Meme aka Oma

Saturday, March 28, 2009

sharing - I found a blessing..........

while continuing to clean out things in the house,
I found a 2 lovely pictures of Papa David Hubby--
that were taken in 1966 the spring before I met him-
I did not know he had these pictures with his box of stuff..
.I am so happy that I am ''high''--LOL
-they are so precious and I will take them down this week
and make copies for the girls--
as they do not have pictures that old or before us or them---
--he was so handsome-- and cute and--------blond
I was a bit shallow at that time as I was so young-like just barely 18(that summer) -so I went out with him for his looks and his car--LOL
and love came to stay with us-and we were married in October--(1966).

I have been cleaning odds and ends in the house
for a couple of years now- a day here and a day there*going through all those boxes where one tends to stuff things for later..........
..and these were in one of papa hubby's evelopes that he kept special things-I never went into his things before his death as we were very respective of each other's private things-----he was the same with me.

it has taken me about 2 years to get where I am
( cleaning things we gathered over the years but knew we were keeping )
--and I found 10 dollars tooso that will help pay for the pictures to give the girls copies-
I want to do them for Easter gifts----
-what a family blessing!--hugs from Meme

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meme is getting soft.........

  • due to health problems Meme has to start eating soft foods
  • or well cooked ........so much for salads-and carrot sticks too
  • and it got me to thinking about
  • how my life is rather soft
  • compared to the old days
  • which we look back on fondly
  • but I am not sure I would be able
  • to live that way again
  • there is something nice about
  • turning up the heat
  • turning on a tap
  • pushing buttons on dishwashers and
  • buttons on stoves
  • and listening to the flush
  • our old days were good
  • but they were hard work
  • too and I can see
  • now how hard mom and dad
  • had to work to make a living
  • so we could eat and etc.
  • even as they grew old they
  • had to make due with old ways
  • I am grateful for the blessings
  • that I have that make my life
  • much easier-
  • and especially now when
  • Meme has to go soft

Meme sends soft hugs.......

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dogman speaks...

Dogman felt left out so he wants you to know
that he lives here too
and if he had only seen the kitty first--hahaha
he really does not mind cats as long as they stay
on the other side of the fence-
here he is on his old kitchen rug but we had
to buy him a new one as his nails would
get caught so he upgraded- the floor is too cold for him in the kitchen
with Alberta winters.........
so we have an area rug- sigh- I am beginning to think we do a lot
for him-LOL
his own chair- his own rug-
his own corner--his own special diet- wow
no wonder he thinks he is the top dog in this house-
hugs from Meme and Dogman who is does not believe in simplicity-----

Sunday, March 22, 2009


  • - YES- a new picture- this was at our house

  • the birds are ours ( the blue bird died just a few days before papa did)

  • and the cat is a visitor

  • they got a long fine

  • but I know what that kitty was thinking-LOL

  • here is bigger picture of the little picture

  • I am playing and learning too
  • so you will have to be patient with me
  • now I just have to get Miss Ashley to down load some
  • more of my pictures
  • some time soon
  • ----this is Dogman's balcony and out behind the gate
  • is where papa did his wood work-
  • he had a shed but it does not show
  • Dogman always watched him work
  • he has to stay in as he is a leash dog
  • and does not know how to travel on his own
  • and would walk away - or chase a cat too--LOL

we got the snow

  • 10 inches so far- wet-heavy snow- not terribly cold though
  • and wind is slight so not moving the snow around
  • poor
  • Dogman- stepped of the door step and fell into the snow
  • up to his arm pits and that is where he stayed
  • so I had to go out and shovel him a pee patch
  • the snow is heavy so I will have to do it in
  • samll sprats-
  • it is call ''heart attack snow''
  • here in Alberta
  • pray for all and also roofs
  • we are blessed to have a high peak roof
  • but some are not so blessed
  • pray for no cave-ins and the high-ways
  • must go and drink some tea
  • and store up some energy for more shoveling
  • alas- some storms are not simple
  • but it is part of the joys of living in Alberta
  • hugs for today
  • Meme

Saturday, March 21, 2009


  • I started spring cleaning again
  • I did start once but got caught u in our winter here
  • it is not springy right now we have storm warnings
  • across Alberta
  • and we are being asked to stay at home
  • so Meme will have a quiet evening here
  • I may continue the cleaning bite by bite
  • and have a rest in between.......
  • I am trying to go through every nook and cranny
  • on the main floor
  • it is amazing how much one collects over time
  • and also how difficult it is deciding what to do
  • with some of the things....
  • it is not easy this year with
  • having no papa hubby here
  • he was my leg man
  • who vacuumed corners etc
  • while I cleaned and sorted --------
  • I am letting go of more things now
  • as I am the only one here and I have
  • become half of us....
  • Poppy was more of a keeper than I am
  • so I will give and toss and sort
  • and in the end I am hoping that there
  • will be less next year to gather dust
  • I enjoy this kind of cleaning but
  • only once a year
  • here we generally do not do a lot
  • of fall cleaning as we have work
  • to do outside preparing for our winters
  • hmmm- maybe we should change the name
  • to winter cleaning and we would all be done
  • when spring comes to us - but what else
  • can one do in Alberta in April as
  • we stay in between seasons with our
  • weather --
  • off to spring clean something
  • and I am hoping that it will be simple--LOL
  • huggles from Meme

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


  • I am beginning to find
  • the me in me again
  • after papa hubby died I felt lost
  • nothing seemed or felt right
  • the world was inside out
  • but lately I have been finding
  • little things of me again
  • shoulders a little straighter
  • life seems more alive with
  • a laugh here and a cry there
  • and tears for others too
  • my smile is more real
  • my heart less broke-
  • the sun is brighter
  • and the sky less gray
  • and
  • I know that papa hubby
  • would want to see me
  • as me again
  • I will always love him.
  • Death does not end love-
  • so slowly I will dig my
  • heart out of the sand
  • because then I can see
  • what God wants for do=
  • as He guides me into
  • being me again.
  • huggles from Meme

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

pocket stories

pocket stories
Pocket stories is another blog
that I am working on where I am
putting some of my writing
that I did before papa hubby got sick
they are lessons of life
that the Lord has taught
me since I became a Christian
in 1987
some stories are new
you may notice papa mentioned
in some of the old.....
I used to write more before cancer
as an encouragement to other woman
you are welcome to read
it will take me some time
to transfer stories over
so it may not be a busy blog
God has taught me many lessons
and these are but a tiny sharing
and He is still teaching me
as I live my life for Him
papa hubby was my greatest fan
and loved to sit and watch me write
it was one of the things he said
he was looking forward when he
came home from the hospital
the first time
I quit my writings for a long time
but I feel it is time to share
and write again
feel free to read them or
free to not read
this is just a reminder that
they are there
you may share any you want too
I just ask that you leave my name
attached -
sometimes they will say copy write on them
but I feel they belong to the Lord
so nothing will happen if you
forget who the author is
and hugs and here is the link


Pocket StoriesLittle stories of life that have a message-fact and/or fiction- lessons of growth that God has blessed me with-the Lord teaches US each day as He blesses us in all things-lessons gifts to help us follow the Shepherd- please feel free to share but leave my name with the story- God bless everyone!! A pocket story is a short story- small enough to carry in our hearts and big enough to use again and again.
huggles Meme

Monday, March 16, 2009


  • the fire is out
  • they had to tear down the building today
  • 4 businesses and 4 homes gone
  • but no deaths
  • one small injury
  • to make sure no hot spots continued
  • the two buildings beside have water- smoke
  • damage but our little cafe is still there
  • felt some better today
  • went for a walk to see the mess
  • and did chores at church also
  • I think Meme is hanging
  • out to much with teen -age gal
  • and not getting enough sleep
  • so Meme may have to change her
  • new bad habits-
  • and also I think some allergies
  • are coming and going
  • I will be a good example
  • and get ready for bed early
  • hugs and good night

Sunday, March 15, 2009

fire in our town

  • part of our down town is on fire
  • I walked down to see what is.......
  • I should not be out
  • as Meme is sick and
  • really should be in her room
  • if not in her bed........
  • but down town is special
  • to me as that is where
  • I met dear hubby
  • the fire is on the same side
  • and two doors down
  • from our cafe.......
  • the buildings are older
  • than me and connected together
  • so we may lose more and they are
  • part of our history
  • is going up in smoke
  • it reminds me of what
  • the Lord tells us
  • that there is a time for everything
  • and although this is sad
  • as far as we know there are no
  • lost lives- there were apartments
  • up above so homes are burning too
  • the fire is about 5 blocks away
  • from our home
  • it is cold here- below freezing
  • but no wind
  • Meme must be off now
  • and have a simple quiet evening now
  • the Miss Ashley is here
  • to keep Meme in line --LOL
  • hugs from Meme

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a simple day

  • had one of those days where life was plain and simple
  • I always enjoy days like this
  • where no one phones with sad news
  • where it is cold but not too cold to walk
  • where the sun shines and warms my kitchen
  • where both sinks are clean for a few minutes
  • where the weather man is talking about warm air coming
  • where the moon lights up the world
  • where I find what I am looking for
  • where I see a child smile
  • where supper bakes in the oven
  • where I have tears of joy
  • where the kids got hours with their jobs
  • where I have laughter
  • where my heart is at home and
  • where I am still and hear God
  • ******************
  • we had our casserole for supper and the
  • teens like it and put their dishes in the sink
  • and enough left over for tomorrow
  • now it is bed time and I am looking
  • for a new day tomorrow where I can rejoice
  • and be glad in it------
  • huggles from Meme

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

still cold--------hot recipe

  • we feel like we are in a deep freeze-
  • the house has that chill to it----------
  • and feels dry but cold
  • we have a kettle of water
  • to bubble out some slow steam
  • to keep some moister in the air
  • I did not get much done today
  • played hooky but dishes are done
  • found this neat toss casserole which is
  • adjustable to your family--
  • also have this recipe ready to go tomorrow
  • ********************************************

2 pounds of ground beef- cook- and drain

1 cup macaroni' - any shape you like- cook

1 cup grated cheddar cheese-

1 can of tomato sauce or spaghetti sauce- about 2 and 1/4 cups( when ever I find

that I am short an ounce or so of sauce I add water to make the correct amount of liquid)

and/ or ----1 cup of left over cooked veggies

and /or ---- 1 pepper diced- semi cook in pan you cooked hamburger in

onions are optional - cook same as pepper

salt and pepper to taste- I use about 1/2 teaspoon of each

-let all cool for 15 minutes and then mix everything together

place in greased casserole dish-and refrigerate

tomorrow night bake in 350F oven for 45 minutes-

- you can adjust the amounts of any ingredients to make a size that fits you house hold plus using your choice of veggies- I have made with out the options also

I like this recipe as it is a make a head and just needs to bake- a neat thing to have if around-

if you are expecting a busy day out- it is so much less expensive than eating out and the baking time takes no longer than service in a cafe- you can serve a salad and you are set to stay home.

hugs from Meme

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Meme's Cabbage Rolls

I take about 12 cabbage leaves and put in pot
of water - bring to a boil and turn off- let sit about 10 minutes in the hot water - then drain - they will cool as you are making beef mix-
  • 1 pound lean ground beef-
  • 2/3 cup instant rice or left over cooked plain rice
  • 1 can tomato sauce- (15 oz. )
  • ( I have used tomato soup in place of sauce--1 can plus 1 can water and omit the other half cup of water)
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • dash or two of pepper
  • 1 teaspoon sugar( cuts the acid taste )
  • 1/2 cup water

mix tomato sauce - water - salt - pepper- sugar , together =

mix beef and rice and add 1/2 the sauce mix-

place approx 1/3 cup of mix into each cabbage leaf-

wrap up and place in a un-greased baking dish ( approx 8 by 8)

pour remaining sauce over rolls and bake at 350F- oven for 50 minutes =

( make sure beef is well done- really depends on thickness of rolls_)

huggles from Meme

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

spring cleaning the kitchen

  • every now and then Meme has a moment of madness
  • and so I have started to spring clean the kitchen
  • and maybe I should add declutter too
  • my decor now is tea-pots, tea cups and plants
  • I need to toss the tea-pots into the dish washer
  • for a dusting and degreasing
  • before Miss Ashley arrived at my house
  • I only had dust
  • but she is a fry girl
  • and a high heat with no lid kind of cook
  • the good news is she does not cook often
  • unless it involves a can-opener-(wink)
  • there are other things in the kitchen
  • which are taking a hike
  • some I will clean and give Miss Ashley
  • for her home .......
  • and bribe my daughters to take some things
  • (another wink)
  • now that there is only me here
  • other than the gal and her pal now and then
  • I want to have a less cluttered look
  • so that is why I choose the above three
  • as simple decor,,,,,,,,
  • one thing I noticed that some of my
  • small appliances have failed to work
  • any more and I have decided not to
  • replace them
  • a lot of them are really more work
  • than if I did things the old fashioned way
  • this has created more space -and
  • gives me more joy in the kitchen
  • I think it will take about 3 days to
  • clean the kitchen to spring shape
  • -- then if the clean feeling is still
  • hanging around me
  • I will go to the dining room
  • so Meme has sprung into spring
  • and spring is not even here :-)
  • have a good day/night
  • and Meme will return

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the recipe book

  • I bought a recipe book for Miss Ashley last week
  • to put away for her home some day
  • and the last few days I have read
  • the book and the index and according
  • to the title it has 1001 recipes-
  • and I did not find one recipe that
  • I could or would use-LOL
  • sigh
  • it was interesting reading and thankfully
  • was on sale for six dollars
  • I am hoping that she will find better
  • use of the recipes
  • this was one of those gifts where the
  • thought counted for more than the
  • price - Wink-
  • there is a few recipes that I have
  • versions of -- so it did remind
  • of some cooking/bakiing that I have done
  • in the past.......
  • hugs from Meme

Sunday, March 1, 2009


  • actually the turkey is in the oven- it was a sale turkey
  • that we got after Christmas- no too big but
  • enough to party with....
  • and I decided it had live in a frozen state
  • long enough and we also need the freezer room
  • Miss Ashley invited her mom and sisters
  • as it is Robyn's birthday tomorrow
  • we had birthdays in February and
  • more to come in March
  • so we are having a celebration dinner
  • for all of them
  • the rest is simple
  • carrots with a honey glaze
  • I cook the carrots and once they
  • are in the dish
  • I heat some honey in microwave
  • and drizzle over carrots
  • you do not need a lot when drizzling
  • potatoes mashed
  • gravy
  • no stuffing as non of the folks who are
  • coming eat it so why waste time and money
  • cranberries- yes
  • and a ice cream cake
  • it is nice way to have a celebration
  • and in this time of recession
  • we can still have fun by sharing
  • dinners together
  • our next dinner will be for Easter
  • Meme gets to do all the work - but
  • that is part of being a granny
  • and the time will come when
  • granny is too old.....and some
  • one else will have to step up
  • to the plate.......(s)
  • hugs from Meme who is going to the kitchen now