Sunday, November 30, 2008

just for today===

yesterday was one of those days that you do not write home about-
so I am not going to tell you all either-- in case you write want to write home
about it --LOL
I missed papa's support yesterday and the little things he did for me==he took delight in little things like a plant flowering or the sunsets or a one pot supper=
supper time was his favorite meal- so I tried to cook special even when the meal was plain and simple--
to day was a better day- and I did get some things done
like cleaning my room again
since the kidlet moved in- Meme's bedroom is sort of a storage room/bedroom- if you don't
know what it is or where to put and if all else fails- put it in Oma's room (smile)
did the church chores and this and that here as
teen-agers can do a lot of droppings around the house

it is quite an adjustment from papa to Miss Ashley
but we are both muddling through and we are having
a good time
we both miss papa being here but we are now getting more content-because he is in our hearts

good night, everyone-huggles me, Meme aka Oma

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

winning wednesday

  • just a short blog today as I had a lot to do and did done it all
  • one more thing off my plate
  • and I did use grace today to get me through the list
  • here is has turned quite cold although the day time was
  • beautiful and I even managed to go with out a coat
  • for a little while and yes
  • I did keep my sweater on so that I did not get a chill
  • will be off tomorrow here but will be back Friday
  • no room left on the list to blog
  • but another list and day will come
  • hugs from MEME

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


  • a quiet day but I did walk to the bank as the weather was nice
  • then went to seniors supper as Miss Ashley had to work
  • I am thinking about how simplicity is more than just a life style but
  • also an attitude of the heart-
  • especially at this time of year with Christmas nearly here
  • we end up doing so many things that we not only forget
  • the reason for the season but we miss the joy...
  • and often set ourselves up for financial worries in the New Year
  • I remember how simple our Christmas was at the farm
  • and yet we still had so much to be thankful for...
  • we always had a good meal and a few gifts and our tree
  • was from our forest- fresh cut- with the same decorations
  • and then used as a bird feeder after
  • the time in the house
  • and a box of Christmas oranges- one box and one box of
  • candy canes- for the following cold winter nights-
  • I learned that you always ate the orange first or the sweetness
  • from the candy cane would make the orange taste sour
  • I learned that a candy cane can last a day and a night
  • I miss those old fashioned Christmas times where
  • the month of November was baking month so we could
  • share gifts with the neighbors that were simple and good
  • -maybe the recession that we are hearing of
  • will bring back the simplicity of Christmas
  • and if not--
  • I can still do my part to share the reason for the season
  • huggles me
  • Meme aka Oma

Monday, November 24, 2008


  • today I cooked up a big pot of stew meat with a sauce made with
  • chicken broth( I was out of beef) and tomato soup( and equal water )
  • plus our
  • favorite spices
  • then I made a small stew for supper and enough leftover
  • for tomorrow's dinner and
  • I froze the rest of the stew and sauce=
  • this way we can make up different stews as we feel like
  • this will take care of many meals for the kid and I
  • I find this works better than making the whole stew
  • and freezing and seems to keep fresher-
  • I have done this with chicken also and then have
  • been able to make quick chicken dinners but all different
  • I cannot tell any difference using the chicken broth
  • in place of beef broth
  • I did toss in a teaspoon of instant coffee to darken the color
  • it was an adventure and turned out well
  • I hope that I am helping Miss Ashley learn some things
  • for her future-
  • I know that I can handle a recession as I know how to live
  • in a recession- the young folk don't understand that you can
  • change your life style and still enjoy life----and sometimes
  • a little work beyond a can-opener is fun and a good thing

huggles me, Meme

Thursday, November 20, 2008


  • a cold wind bloweth
  • too cold to do any walking
  • so did some sorting
  • that I have been saving for
  • SOMEDAY which turned out
  • to be today.......
  • shredded and tossed and saved
  • and there is more for another someday
  • found some old pictures of us
  • before the cancer came to papa
  • it was good to see us as we were
  • and bittersweet
  • most of the stuff is the kind
  • of stuff you keep because
  • you are unsure what to really do with it.......
  • most applied to us before cancer
  • other than that I just did some of the usual
  • chores that seem to come every morning
  • and will be back tomorrow
  • take care and see you soon
  • huggles me, Meme

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


a better weather day here until tonight as we are getting rain/snow which
makes the highways bad
today was better emotionally than the last 3 days
I guess grief is like that-- some hard lows and soft highs
made a list today and did get 8 out of 10 done
which is good for me as I often go off list==
I did do some things not listed also
now the kid and I (mostly me) are doing a load of laundry(off list)
as she works again tomorrow
she says she can not wash her work clothes as clean as Oma
her friends all want to know how she keeps such a clean top
and she said she uses Oma--LOL
I think she just knows how to bribe Oma
so glad we have a washer and dryer as opposed to the old days
well, that took care of my day
and tomorrow is a new day
huggles me, Meme aka Oma
Huggles me,
Meme aka Oma
Lord, grant that I may seek to comfort rather than be comforted.(Mother Teresa)

Friday, November 14, 2008


got up with the grand kid to chat as she got ready for work
had a cup of tea while she watch cartoons --LOL--and put on her makeup--(my child-woman)
planned to sneak a nap or rest
but discoverd dust creeping in the corners
so took the dust buster to combat the bunnies
brother stopped in for a few minutes
more tea and then a walk
to the thrift store
found 10 very nice modern christian hard covers plus a a new
NIV bible in chronological order=very interesting and will
enjoy seeing how the difference is as far as the time lines go
and a new pair of slippers that are warm as toast
all for $12.oo
a nice treat and yes, books do get heavier as one carries them home
but made it and then time for another Ashley chat and another tea
the kids have now gone out and yes, I also
got some more things done in the kitchen and now I
am starting the dining room
I will get all the rooms done and it will be time to
start over again
so now it is email and a bit of tv and then
good night, friends --God bless everyone
Huggles me,
Meme aka Oma

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Meme in the kitchen

  • I was able to delete about 10 items from the kitchen- some tosses-- some give aways and some things did not belong there-

  • I cleaned the areas at the same time-

  • I did have a good day--

  • went to my last grief meeting and it did help me grieve guilt free-

  • on the net late so I will have to leave a short note

  • O Lord

  • May I believe in the darkness

  • when all hope has vanished

  • when waves beat with fury

  • and no start lights my sky

  • May I believe without

  • feelings or knowing or proving

  • till one shining moment when

  • YOU shatter the darkness

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


  • after living with cancer and papa's death I love simple days where the sun shines and the dust bunnies hide and stuff just sort of happens with out fanfare-
  • I did get into the kitchen but I needed to do some plant pruning and watering so I did not get any deleting of the stuff done
  • but I had fun and the weather was beautiful- although there was freezing rain over night which made morning travel very serious
  • we did go for groceries and I am almost too old to travel with two teenagers and shop- they make my hair stand on end--LOL- how many ways can Oma say NO-sigh-
  • also got my blog done for another day
  • and did two loads of laundry and vacuumed and washed the floors
  • Miss Ashley thinks I do too much and I think she does too little and between the two of us we keep the house clean
  • I am learning that laughter and tears are nothing to be ashamed of--Celebrate the good things and pray about the bad-
  • huggles me, Meme

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

cool day

  • we had a very cool day here with some fog but no snow yet
  • did some more things in the kitchen- I am going ''simple - as
  • I want to spend less time doing things called cleaning
  • I want to keep the plants there and my teapots but
  • try take the other things in there go away
  • the teapots will go in the dishwasher
  • and the plants only need water once a week
  • so tomorrow is the ''take away'' day
  • I may store a few things but I think most
  • will become give away I
  • I do not have a lot of cupboard space
  • so this is a tricky test
  • Miss Ashley and I may be able to use
  • some things for Christmas crafts as she
  • as too many relatives--LOL
  • and she likes to craft-
  • so I will make a report of how well
  • I have done sooner or later
  • I never quite get all I want to do in one day
  • huggles me, Meme

Monday, November 10, 2008


Oma got up with a plan today with about 10 things on her list
but she got side tracked but did get a lot of things done but not sure how many were really on the list
I put our table back in our spot that papa and I always had it=
I moved it in June when he last went to the hospital as I knew he would not come home again and it was just so hard to see his empty chair
today it was time to put it back as it really is to big
where I moved it too
but now I will sit in papa's spot =
I am ready I guess as
I am accepting that papa is so very very gone
and it is ok to remember him in his special places
yes, I cried but I know that it is a ''good thing''for me to do-
then I ended up cleaning other areas and moving this and that which is ok- I even vacuumed under the stove- (shock as there were dust bunnies living there)
did a few chores at the church and talked with the pastor
and he understands that it is not the time
for me to attend social functions there
right now
and that is sort of my day
have a wonder filled night
huggles me,

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oma is not

  • as young as she used to be and the grand kids
  • kept her up too late last night
  • and now my my mind and body are telling me
  • that was not a ''good thing to do.''
  • but grand kids are only young once too
  • and we did make a few memories
  • such as
  • a 7 year old can out last her grandma
  • and they do not take bribes at bed time
  • and if Oma does not listen
  • and all else fails
  • phone mommy to tell her that
  • Oma made her go to bed--LOL
  • glad mommy is smart enough to know
  • that 11 pm is half past bedtime
  • the good news is that Oma is now
  • home alone
  • and can now go to bed early =
  • we ate out of a can today also
  • which means the kids went home
  • tired and hungry but the food was educational
  • it was alphagetti--LOL
  • huggles Oma aka Meme

Saturday, November 8, 2008


  • today I was done at the church and cleaned for 3 hours- ovens, vacuuming, bathrooms and etc...
  • it was very windy so I am so glad that I found a new hat yesterday to wear- it keeps the wind out of my ears and the hair on my head
  • the Miss Ashley and the boy who is a friend gave me a shock today::
  • so now I have two clean sinks at the same time
  • Miss Sidney is here to visit but she is not a happy camper so Oma is looking forward
  • to her bedtime- she has always been high maintenance and once she is on a melt down she needs to sleep it off,,,,,,, I try to ignore as much as one Oma can as I am trying to keep the visit pleasant for both of us,
  • in other words - an ok day-
  • praying for each of our bloggers and remember to make memories
  • huggles me, Meme

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


  • Miss Ashley is 18 and now living with Oma- and between us we are learning to eat together
  • here is our supper soup

2 large cups of water--(she likes to over flow the cup--LOL)

4 large carrots plus extra one if you have a dog-- dog likes raw carrots-

peel and cut in small pieces

bring water and carrots to a boil-

add frozen green beans- about 1 cup

and bring to boil again and add

3 potatoes - cut small-

bring to boil and add one cup of frozen peas

- boil for 10 minutes and then add one cup hot water

and 2 cans of tomatoe soup

mix well

bring to just boiling and cook for 10 minutes stir as needed

add left over rice or plain macaronie and your own spices for taste

no more salt-

serve with bisquits and crackers-

--this is how we did it together and so I thought you would enjoy our way of cooking

and you can also add other veggies that you like- we do not use canned veggies - only frozen- have fun and enjoy the togetherness-Miss Ashley says it needs some corn==

huggles me, Meme