Sunday, November 30, 2008

just for today===

yesterday was one of those days that you do not write home about-
so I am not going to tell you all either-- in case you write want to write home
about it --LOL
I missed papa's support yesterday and the little things he did for me==he took delight in little things like a plant flowering or the sunsets or a one pot supper=
supper time was his favorite meal- so I tried to cook special even when the meal was plain and simple--
to day was a better day- and I did get some things done
like cleaning my room again
since the kidlet moved in- Meme's bedroom is sort of a storage room/bedroom- if you don't
know what it is or where to put and if all else fails- put it in Oma's room (smile)
did the church chores and this and that here as
teen-agers can do a lot of droppings around the house

it is quite an adjustment from papa to Miss Ashley
but we are both muddling through and we are having
a good time
we both miss papa being here but we are now getting more content-because he is in our hearts

good night, everyone-huggles me, Meme aka Oma

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Queen of the Armchair aka dzintrastitcheries said...

Hi Meme...thank you for your lovely comment!!! I have just tagged you...come on over and check my blog, this is where the challenge is. But only if you have time...Blessings, Dzintra