Monday, November 10, 2008


Oma got up with a plan today with about 10 things on her list
but she got side tracked but did get a lot of things done but not sure how many were really on the list
I put our table back in our spot that papa and I always had it=
I moved it in June when he last went to the hospital as I knew he would not come home again and it was just so hard to see his empty chair
today it was time to put it back as it really is to big
where I moved it too
but now I will sit in papa's spot =
I am ready I guess as
I am accepting that papa is so very very gone
and it is ok to remember him in his special places
yes, I cried but I know that it is a ''good thing''for me to do-
then I ended up cleaning other areas and moving this and that which is ok- I even vacuumed under the stove- (shock as there were dust bunnies living there)
did a few chores at the church and talked with the pastor
and he understands that it is not the time
for me to attend social functions there
right now
and that is sort of my day
have a wonder filled night
huggles me,

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