Thursday, November 20, 2008


  • a cold wind bloweth
  • too cold to do any walking
  • so did some sorting
  • that I have been saving for
  • SOMEDAY which turned out
  • to be today.......
  • shredded and tossed and saved
  • and there is more for another someday
  • found some old pictures of us
  • before the cancer came to papa
  • it was good to see us as we were
  • and bittersweet
  • most of the stuff is the kind
  • of stuff you keep because
  • you are unsure what to really do with it.......
  • most applied to us before cancer
  • other than that I just did some of the usual
  • chores that seem to come every morning
  • and will be back tomorrow
  • take care and see you soon
  • huggles me, Meme

1 comment:

Queen of the Armchair aka dzintrastitcheries said...

Sounds absolutely freezing over there at the moment...a good day to be in and do sorting...I admire you Meme...Take Care, Dzintra XX