Tuesday, November 25, 2008


  • a quiet day but I did walk to the bank as the weather was nice
  • then went to seniors supper as Miss Ashley had to work
  • I am thinking about how simplicity is more than just a life style but
  • also an attitude of the heart-
  • especially at this time of year with Christmas nearly here
  • we end up doing so many things that we not only forget
  • the reason for the season but we miss the joy...
  • and often set ourselves up for financial worries in the New Year
  • I remember how simple our Christmas was at the farm
  • and yet we still had so much to be thankful for...
  • we always had a good meal and a few gifts and our tree
  • was from our forest- fresh cut- with the same decorations
  • and then used as a bird feeder after
  • the time in the house
  • and a box of Christmas oranges- one box and one box of
  • candy canes- for the following cold winter nights-
  • I learned that you always ate the orange first or the sweetness
  • from the candy cane would make the orange taste sour
  • I learned that a candy cane can last a day and a night
  • I miss those old fashioned Christmas times where
  • the month of November was baking month so we could
  • share gifts with the neighbors that were simple and good
  • -maybe the recession that we are hearing of
  • will bring back the simplicity of Christmas
  • and if not--
  • I can still do my part to share the reason for the season
  • huggles me
  • Meme aka Oma

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Love Bears All Things said...

This post brought back some memories. When I was a child, money was tight. We only had oarnges and apples at Christmas time. Daddy usually bought a box of each and kept them in one of the bedrooms where it was cold as a refrigerator. When we couldn't afford a whole box, we'd get one of each in our stocking along with candy canes and nuts which was another thing that showed up at that time of year. I mean the exotic kind. We always had peanuts and pecans because they grew locally.
Our stockings were actual stockings and we lay them on the couch with a card having our name printed on it.
Mama Bear