Saturday, October 11, 2008

walking is simple

One of the simple forms of exercise is walking- and I am blessed that I can still walk.
As kids, my brother and I walked to our country school house nearly everyday
as the other kids in the district - we had a lot of fun on the way to and from
school and never felt unsafe=we also walked every evening down to the field and brought the milk cows home for the night. They were happy to see us as they were anxious to be milked and they knew that they
were in store for a small oat treat. We had 7 milk cows and like all farm animals we
had names for them- they knew the way and would give us a run if we were late- We were
not allowed to force them to go fast as it did something to the milk- It has been so long since I helped bring them home that I know longer remember what running did to the cows-
In this day of fast transportation we do not walk enough - partly because of safety and also the location of the stores- our downtown is nearly gone now and has only a few stores left that
do not supply all our needs- I do try to walk to them and do what shopping I can- but now
at my age I have to remember how heavy a bag gets with each step.
With gas prices so high I have noticed that there are more folks walking - maybe the government should give us a discount on taxes for walking --LOL --
Go for a walk today and look for blessings you can see and hear-

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