Wednesday, October 8, 2008

cooking simple

I love recipes but seldom have the time or the money or the ingredients- I wonder what ever happened to just cooking a pot of potatoes and a pot of carrots and just sitting down and eating them just as they we really need to add so many ingredients to everything that we cook in order to make it taste good to eat--
I enjoy spices and butter too but maybe if we did go back to simple cooking our health and our waste bands would feel better=

I remember as kids that mom never fooled too much with her cooking and yet her food was good
and wholesome - and there was no one over weight in the house- we still had things like butter and cream and salt but they were not used as condiments or additions to the pot-
if you check with your favorite burger joint you will notice that the condiments account for nearly half and sometimes more of the calories in the hamburger -
we learned to start asking for them on the side and then we had control over the meal and yes, they did taste as good and had less mess-
enjoy a simple meal tomorrow for your tummy's sake :-)


Ruthie said...

Good point about the simple cooking.

Enjoyed visiting your blog.
Have a great week.


Queen of the Armchair aka dzintrastitcheries said...

Thank you - I think every gal needs a pair of red shoes! I will follow you as well ... Blessings Dzintra Ingrid