Saturday, October 25, 2008

so much to do

  • lately as I have been busy catching up on last year's chores and this years chores and
  • I am looking forward to limiting what I need to do- because
  • this old gray mare is not what she used to be so I have to
  • will try to find some new systems of doing things and keeping things
  • also freeing my self of stuff so I will have less dusting and
  • cleaning and make some space-
  • to day I turned our coat cupboard into a pantry- with papa gone we have less need of the cupboard to hang coats and I can fit mine into my clothes closet-

I put in two shelves and moved all the canned food , boxes etc there so I do not have to get up

and down so much to find a can of soup or whatever- and the good things is that I can now see what we really have- cupboards down on the floor do not work well for food storage but it was all I had before.......

- now it is a new system for me-- I know that papa would be pleased with the new set up= I found it difficult and yet freeing- I left the hooks in there as now I can hang my non plastic shopping bags and find them easily - now I can start to eliminate plastic bags when shopping-it will also save wear and tear on my legs and back -

it is hard to make changes from the way things were when hubby was here but I also know that he would encourage me to do things to make my life better-he had a servant's heart-

hugs from Meme who will love some new ideas --


Queen of the Armchair aka dzintrastitcheries said...

Thank you for calling in, I do love it when you visit. I am doing really well thanks Meme, although still no lifting etc for another 6 weeks. We are very happy with our new chair and table. Yes it is a good thinking poem - and it is so true for us as we are raising our daughter with a disability and getting older ... my Hubby has been a real blessing through all this and helping with our daughter. Blessings to you, Dzintra

Kimonos and Sushi said...

Just popped by to see what has been happening. The cupboards are a real chore aren't they. You no sooner get it all organised and you find another little job to start. Take Care