Saturday, October 18, 2008

food for thought

  • I was thinking of the homeless kitchen today
  • we used to work there before papa became sick
  • it is in the city so now it istoo hard for me to go there
  • but most of the meals we prepared
  • were simple but hardy
  • but the thank you for supper smiles were not
  • there is nothing like watching some one who
  • for some reason has no way to make their own supper
  • come in and eat- it is a good thing
  • and give back a smile
  • I liked to watch their faces change from defeated
  • to simple happiness
  • I remember once finding a pair of socks for a man
  • who had no socks and he was wearing boots a size to big
  • I remember his smile--I remember his feet-
  • broken down and old and tired but he
  • still had a thank you - smile
  • I wonder if perhaps I could smile more at the simple
  • gifts that God gives me every day-
  • smiles go beyond words
  • give some one your smile today and ask
  • them to pass it on,,,,,,,,,,
  • :-)
  • :-)
  • huggles Meme


Ruthie said...

What a great post about smiles! It's true - we need to smile at the simple things in life and our joy would be full!

Hugs. Happy Pink Saturday.

Kimonos and Sushi said...

Smiles back to you :-)Andrea