Monday, October 13, 2008

MY BIG LIST for thanksgiving dinner.......

I had a long list today but only time to get it on paper and I was able to scratch every thing off the list-
miss Ashley was a good help
now I am relaxing and recovering-I only have the roaster that is soaking to wash tomorrow and the house is back in order
- actually neater and cleaner than when we started out-
Miss Ashley stuffed her things in her room and shut the door......
now all we have to do is some how get miss Ashley back into her bed safely--LOL- it is her room and I never fuss about it to her- I just close the door too-- she is a good kid and her messy room is just her way of live --
we had a simple thanksgiving dinner with a lot of fun and kind of like a smorg and I found
that the simple gave me time to spend with the family-
simple celebration family meals is my new tradition with out Papa David here; any more is too much for me.......
we missed dear Papa and laughed and cried about his kind ways- it was all good and he was missed -
huggless me, Meme

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