Tuesday, October 7, 2008

simple made easy

I love reading blogs and letters as well as articles on simplicity
but one of the things that I notice that often the simplicity is not simple=
I was raised with simplicity as a way of life rather than a life style-
Mother saved almost everything for another day and also used the
things she saved- dad did most of his farming the old fashioned way with out
radios in tractors and no holiday from milking the cows- if we had a family
crisis then the neighbors came in and did your chores and farm work for you
I learned how to slice bread because our bread was home made and not
pre sliced - gardens were automatic
we had school clothes and church clothes and then we had our everyday play/chore
clothes and we never mixed up which was which-
we did not have baths everyday but we never went any where dirty-
water came in buckets and not taps =
our grass was green and so were we- but we did not know that
there was any other color to be-
it was easy to be simple because that was the only thing we could afford.

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