Saturday, December 20, 2008

skipping days..

no, did not forget my password again
but just busy staying warm in our very minus temperatures
Alberta is cold all over
and I lost a day in time
but now I am here- trying to come up with a story
I have not finished shopping yet and now it may be too cold --LOL
maybe on Monday I will stroll the streets and check out some of our little stores
I miss papa taking me to the city but I do not miss the long lines and the traffic jams
yesterday I popped into one of our stores and our line up was only 3 people long
that is my kind of line up-
it is true that we do not have everything here but we have what one really needs
yesterday was also the anniversary day to hear that papa david had terminal cancer --one year ago on December 19
terminal is a big word when added to cancer
it takes a lot of hope out of the equation
but we still had some hope and we kept the faith
I am not happy with the outcome - I miss him so much
and I have the realization that he will not walk in the door again
on on this earth
I also have the comfort of knowing that he is with the Lord
and what ever and how ever the Lord has all things planned
I know that I will see him again
but oh how much I miss him here
the weather is a damper on my spirits as I become a shut in
as with the wind chill it is too cold to walk far
but spring is coming under all the snow
it is sleeping but will return again
take care and Meme will pay more attention to her wonderings
and make sure I check in sooner than later
thank you for your comments
they help me
there is a couple of blogs that I have trouble leaving a message at ??
not sure why- but I do read and think and pray for you
huggles me, Meme who is cold ====

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Queen of the Armchair aka dzintrastitcheries said...

Hello are in my prayers also this Holiday Season... knowing that Spring is on it's way for you and you will start to warm up...Blessings to you dear Meme...Dzintra