Thursday, December 4, 2008

sharing an old writing from 2006

When brother and I were kids back in the fifties Christmas was an exciting and magic time for us- our favorite part was putting up the Christmas tree.
We did not
put our tree up until the close to December 24.
Daddy would go out into our grove of trees where we had a both of poplar and spruce trees.
Trees were needed on the farm as they not only served as a wind break but they were our source of our heat. We did not cut down trees-unnecessarily or carelessly. They were too important to our way of live. All the trees had a job to do. Daddy never picked a perfect tree that would grow high and strong- He would find a small tree that was weak and perhaps only had a few branches on one side but filled on the front side. The back side did not matter as it did not show in the corner when it was decorated.
No matter what tree daddy found it was the most beautiful tree in our eyes as a child' No matter how imperfect it was to others it was perfect to us. Daddy choose the imperfect tree knowing that we would love and enjoy our Christmas tree .
He knew that even if it was small and weak we could still use it for decorating and sharing gifts around. When the tree was done bringing us Christmas joy we put it in our front yard where the rest of the winter it served as a bird feeder. Next fall when it had dried and shed its needles it was used for fire wood. That tree was useful in many ways.
Jesus accepted me in my imperfect ways and loved me while I was still a sinner. He did not choose me for my perfections. To Him I was beautiful and worthy to used. He did not throw me a way because I was not perfect. He decorated me with his Love and Peace and Joy and Hope. I am useful . Maybe you feel weak and broken and of no use. God will not throw you away because you have challenges or problems. We can shine for Jesus even when our back is up against the wall.
"Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received." ~1 Peter 4:10
We can be thankful for whatever imperfections we have. We can perform, in the little things, as a faithful servant to God and others. We can be doers of God's word, not just hearers. Every day brings a new opportunity to be used.


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