Friday, December 5, 2008


  • it is snowing and everything looks so clean outside
  • Dogman ran out and made tracks all over the balcony
  • it is warm enough for him to like the snow
  • shut the door on my finger today and
  • ouch- it still hurts --(cheese please )
  • I had to clean my room again as I could not get into
  • bed with all my books
  • I tend to read and use different bibles
  • and then tuck them in too but after
  • awhile they add up along with other
  • book reading== maybe it is a small way for me
  • to cuddle papa David right now
  • I love books and he loved that I loved books
  • he learned to read after we were married
  • as it was the best method for understanding me--LOL
  • someday when I meet papa again I will also meet
  • our Shepherd in person and I want to touch his scars
  • that He obtained so that I through Him I can
  • be with papa hubby again-
  • cherish today
  • huggles me, Meme

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