Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Freeze your own bread dough for another day

  • this is from an old blog I had and I thought I would start bringing most of the material from over there to here- and delete the old blog =so enjoy- this blog was written before dear hubby's cancer so occasionally I may say something about him and I do not want to delete or rewrite the blog posts so bare or is that bear with me--hugs
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  • Make the bread recipe all the way through to the first rise, punching down and forming the loaves or rolls and placing them in the prepared pans.( I generally remove the dough after it has frozen in order to have the pans free- this is great for buns and beats the store prices=
  • Now instead of allowing the dough to make the second rise, wrap it with plastic wrap tightly and place in the freezer.
  • When you want to bake, you need to plan ahead .
  • Take from freezer, remove the plastic wrap and set out at room temperature to thaw. If not in pans, place in same size pan as loaf- It will take about three hours for the dough to thaw and another hour or more for the dough to reach the desired rise Then just pop it into the preheated oven as directed by your recipe.
  • I find the dough keeps well for 3 months- I have only worked with homemade white or brown bread recipes ----
  • The kindness you spread today will be gathered up and returned to you

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